Friday, December 16, 2011


Good morning, it is Friday!

Yesterday Maren worked a bit late and the kids and I were left to do it all for a bit. Preston had his first drive with his driving instructor. He said it went very well and now he is an excellent driver! Lillie had dance class, her last for the year. She did a good enough job to earn herself some candy! I figured everyone earned candy, but there were a few kids moping around afterward because they didn't do well enough to earn some candy.

Dinner was gourmet...mac and cheese with hot dog bites mixed in. It is what the kids really wanted. What can you do? At dinner the kids were having a crazy fun time with what they call "anti-jokes". It turns out that anti-jokes start like normal jokes, but then are totally outrageous and many times horrible. Let's see if I can remember a couple...Q: Why did the little boy drop his ice-cream cone? A: He got hit by a bus! Or, Q: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? A: Where's my tractor?. Q: What is red and smells like blue paint? A: Red paint. These don't sound so good on paper, but if you were there and the jokes were being made up on the was pretty darn fun.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

You guys sure do have fun - mac and cheese with hot dog bits - sounds delicious to me.....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!