Sunday, November 20, 2011

Upgrade time?

Good morning, it is Monday.

Here I have let a few days pass since my last post. Have we been busy? Yes. Are there things to blog about? Sure thing. So what gives?!? My computer has been a bit of a bugger these past few weeks, worse the last few days. Sure it has been slow, but I have worked on all that stuff too. Of late it forgets that there is a mouse, a printer, and the word and excel programs are all messed up too. Preston has lost a couple of assignments and not been able to print things out as well. I have been avoiding the computer big time, right now I'm just hoping to get this blog out smoothly. In truth, this computer is like five years old and in computer age, that is quite old. So, time to be replaced. Come to think of it, my cars are getting old too...and so am I! Yikes.

Luckily there are amazing deals to be had after Thanksgiving! No I will not shop at midnight, or even 5:00am, in fact it makes me kind of mad that employees even have to work these shifts...but the stores are competing aren't they? Sometime over the weekend I will probably pick up a new computer and then I will be able to solve all the problems of the world! Or at least get back to uploading pictures and blogging. I have not even started my Christmas letter yet this year because I am worried it will just be lost too. I do have some ideas in my head...SpongeBob?

OK, I'm off. Today we have work, school, volleyball practice and drama club before school, then a volleyball match, dance class and drivers ed after school. I'm already looking foward to Monday Night Football for a little winding down.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Hi Julian, I'm sure you can find something good at the Best Buy or whatever store you have out there. I got a new one (Asus laptop) in August when we had a tax-free holiday, and I love it. have fun, love, susanna

Molly said...

Is that the new generation's excuse these days? Used to be "my dog ate my homework".....

Happy Thanksgiving.

SP: Tax Free Holiday? What does that mean? Your state sales tax sometimes is not charged? I live in a state without sales tax.

sussah said...

during August they have a weekend where no state sales tax is collected, so that's a good time to buy major purchases. It's supposed to help back-to-school purchases. we also have a local sales tax in Orleans Parish, so taxes can add up. On the other hand, the general cost of living is lower than many states. sp