Sunday, November 13, 2011

Say it isn't so!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Preston got his drivers permit. Yup, it is now perfectly legal for Preston to be driving. The DMV was crazy busy, but it all worked out. I did throw Preston the keys once we got into the neighborhood. He really doesn't have much practice yet, so it was all kind of fun/scary! When I instructed him to put on his blinker to merge into traffic, the windshield got washed!

Here he is, first time behind the wheel on an actual road. After this drive, Preston had three soccer games! Yup, one outdoor game in the freezing wind, then two indoor games. His first two game were with his normal team, but as we were leaving from Starfire, he ran into a few Seniors from his high school who invited him to play on their indoor team. Preston looked kind of small and scared at first, but once he realized that his speed and skills really are competitive with anyone, he was able to make a big impact with a couple of nice assists and a few good shots on goal. It was fun to watch.

This weekend was also a good one for Hansen. Friday he spent the whole day with a big group of friends at a birthday party. They went swimming, made t-shirts and goofed the day away. Then yesterday he spent the day with a friend at their house. Hansen is starting to get out in the world and has a ton more confidence that he once did. He will probably always be on the shy side, but we can honestly say he has grown a ton in the last several months, both in size and in maturity.

And not to be left out, Maren and Lillie had a very quite few days at home. Kind of, Lillie did sleep over at a friend's house on Thursday night and Maren went to lunch with a friend on Friday, but yesterday was a very quite day for the girls at home. Maren was feeling kind of sick and they pretty much hung out on the couch watching movies all day.

And for me, I was basicly the guy driving everyone everywhere. Off to wake up kids, kind of a busy day today as well.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

When you first got your driving license, Julian, who did you practice driving with: your Mom in the front seat or your Dad? (in the case of my family, it was always Mom; Dad never let us practice with him being the parent in the front seat.)

Bernice said...

Congratulations Preston - a very
important new phase of your life.
Sounds like it was a good weekend
for all, except Maren - hope you are feeling better.