Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Real Ronald!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was McTeacher's Night at the local McDonald's to support our school. It was crazy busy and I am sure we raised plenty of money for the school enrichment programs. Yay! My job was to bus and clean tables. I liked this job the best because that meant I got to be out with the people and the kids just saying "hi" and goofing off. The truth is it was so busy that every table was filled up for the whole time with the occasional turn-over that I quickly cleaned if I even noticed. Other teachers were ordering, delivering, selling coupons and cookies, working the drive-through, and just helping wherever there was a place to help. My shift was the first hour and a half, which was actually enough for me. The whole thing lasted for three hours.

This is me with a couple of teachers as the evening was just beginning and pictures were being taken. Yes, there is a finger over the lens of this picture, so really there are four people in this picture.

Maren brought Hansen and Lillie in for dinner! Maren got to say "hi" to friends as did the kids. Hansen wasn't too thrilled to be hanging in such a crowd...Ronald's appearance behind him didn't even get him excited!

So I tried to drag him over to say "hi". Not really, but I think Hansen was happy to have me go roam somewhere else.
Besides, Ronald did come visit the table they were sharing with friends.

Preston wasn't at McTeacher night because he was at the Seattle Sounders game. They are out of the playoffs for the year. Last night they won the game 2-0, but were down 0-3 going into last night's aggregate game. They had a chance to tie the game in the closing minutes, but it never worked out. Great season by the Sounders. The rest of us watched the game on the TV after coming home from McTeacher's night as Preston was there getting totally wet and freezing in person! Sounds like he had a great time.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

You have such fun activities going on all the time. Hansen is growing out of Ronald McDonald - and what kid that age wants his dad fooling around with him in public??? You did good work raising money for a good cause...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I bet the tables were cleaner than usual. I like the shirt you have on better than the old green uniform they made you wear as a teenager - though of course you looked very handsome in it.