Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

This past weekend was a divide and conquer weekend. Preston's soccer team had a huge road trip weekend and I was the driver of two other dads and three players. Yup, nearly 12 hours in the van in just two days! First game in Wenatchee, spend the night in Spokane, second game in Spokane, then drive home to get a couple of Steelers fans home in time for Sunday Night Football. That is many many hours with the van's cruise control set on 70 mph.

The kids getting ready to leave home and fighting for seat position.

Dusty's in Wenatchee. Yum! The greasy burger was super yummy. I really liked the town of Wenatchee. The bare mountains look very cool and the whole town seemed very nice.

After a loss and a tie and 10 hours in the car, the boys are still getting along splendidly at the last rest stop of the journey. Of course, the soccer was why we were all there, but the team does get along great regardless of the soccer. At the hotel the dads were in one room watching the Huskies get beat by Oregon and other football games while the kids were making a total mess of our room. By the next morning all the socks were accounted for and the room left in decent shape.

So while we were gone, Maren had the littles for the weekend too. Sounds like they had fun, got to go out to dinner and goof off plenty too.

Hansen's first volleyball tournament is tomorrow. Here he is sporting the new team shirt. This is the first Grass Lake shirt I have ever seen that is not green!

Last night while Lillie was at dance class, I went to the driving range to hit a small bucket. Now that we set the clocks back, it gets dark very early. By 5:30 it was totally dark. I must admit that hitting the golf ball into the darkness with just a light or two shining on it is pretty cool. I will be ready for summer again very soon.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

"All socks accounted for" - what a great line. I don't imagine that is one easy task.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice trip. Good luck to Hansen on the volleyball tourney!