Thursday, October 13, 2011

WA State Book Awards.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night Maren and I attended A Celebration of the Washington State Book Awards at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle. Maren has been one of the judges for this award for a few years and you know how it is, without the judges reading tons of books, there would be no award! These awards were just for authors who live in Washington State.

Here is Maren with a schedule of events, hanging in front of one of the walls of the Richard Hugo House. Post-it note art was all over the walls. I even tried my hand at some post-it note art in the "try it yourself" section.

This is Maren watching the proceedings. There were authors everywhere. Maren got to be introduced to the crowd and afterwards we mingled and got a few autographs on the winning books.

Preston was a good sport and skipped his soccer practice to hang with the littles. I'm thinking the three pizzas we brought home (that were devoured by the time we got back) and a nap on the couch probably sounded pretty ok.

See you tomorrow.

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