Thursday, October 27, 2011


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was "library night" as Lillie likes to call it. There were no story times scheduled and the library was relatively quiet. Plenty of high school age kids using computers and stuff. I found a couple of books and a few magazines that can only be read in the library and Lillie did the same. So we found a table an just read away for a bit before heading home. I can never really gauge how library nights will go, sometimes Lillie wants to stay for a long time, and other times she is ready to go very quickly.

Hansen does not like to go to the library with us, but he reads more than any of the kids to be sure. He has been staying up reading so late that it is actually starting to bug his brother. I have had clip on 40 watt lamps for the boy's beds for a long time so they could read, but I think that system will have to go as it keeps Preston up and keeps Hansen from realizing that it is actually the middle of the night. Today we may go shopping for a little book light for Hansen, either that or just a little flashlight.

See you tomorrow.

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