Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Yeah, it's my birthday!

Good morning, it is my birthday! Happy Birthday to Me, la la la la la laaaa.

Yesterday we started the birthday festivities, today we will end them. We had a very nice dinner at The Golden Peacock. One of my favorite restaurants with tons of folks all there for my birthday! If I remember, my fortune cookie read something like, "you deserve a relaxing week". do I add the suffix...on the toilet?...or in bed? Hmm, just can't choose! I do have a ton of leftover food from last night, so I get to eat super yummy all day!
Mel took this pic at our house after dinner. Maren had a very yummy cake for us. Avery helped blow out the candles, but I think I still got most of them.

I have not opened any of my cards yet. I will be saving those for tonight, but the kids did go in and buy me a fancy new T-shirt. This is the front.

And this is the back. I'm so proud...weeping. Disturbing huh?

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Happy Birthday Julian!! I don't know where you can wear that shirt. Have a relaxing week! love, susanna

Molly said...

hmmm...wonder where your kids get their sense of humor.....hilarious.

Thanks to Mel for the nice photo.

Your blog fans will need a picture of you actually out in public wearing the T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We're only a few blocks from the hospital where you were born on Oct. 10, 1969. I still remember the nurse saying, "Mrs. Slane, you have a beautiful baby boy." She was right!

Bernice said...

Happy Birthday Julian - looks like all the festivities so far were great, and yes, your kids have some sense of humor. Enjoy that Tshirt - it's hysterical.

Molly said...

My Mom and I visited Ellen and Robert in Hollywood when Julian was just a baby. Ellen had painted a terrific mural on the wall in the nursery. That cannot be 42 years ago. Who has been playing with the calendar?