Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Tires.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Today is a late start for all three kids! Two hour late start for them means a late start for me too! Lillie will be not late starting as much as others as she has Drama class...but she likes it so it is all good. No, it is not a late start for Maren, which makes normal start feel like an early start.

Last night I took Lillie to the library so she could check out books and I could pay my fines! Yes, Maren is a librarian, but I still have my own library card to worry about. And by the looks of my smallish fines, I don't worry quite enough about it. We got there just in time for family story time. Designed for little kids in their jammies, Lillie and I decided to sit in the back and check it out. It was pretty fun, back where we were was were the one year olds wander around because they don't want to sit still for 30 mins. The older kids (2 and 3 year olds) were sitting up front. I did take all three kids to all these story times when they were little, so it was fun to just enjoy the commotion. Lillie also thought it was fun, but she didn't need to wait in line for a hand stamp at the end.

So why a picture of a tire? Maren's car has had some upgrades in the last few days. All new tires last night and a new battery on Saturday. Yep, Maren was stranded on Saturday, then a blowout in Mercer Island left her waiting for a super speedy AAA guy. In the last year we have certainly gotten our money worth from our AAA membership!

Last time I put new tires on Maren's car was in 2004. They were 80,000 mile tires that went farther than that. I did get good tires for the car yesterday even though I wanted to save as much $$$ as possible. The cheap tires have all the same installation costs and no coupons, so for $100 more you get four very good 70,000 tires as apposed to four inexpensive tires.

If my crystal ball had been working, I would have traded the Hyundai in for a new car last month! Now the conversation is actually on the table. Maren is thinking it may actually be time for a new car for her. So I have been shopping a little for something more modern. So stand by, maybe Maren will get a new car soon, or maybe new tires and a new battery keep the old Hyundai in good accord for a few more years.

See you tomorrow.

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