Friday, October 07, 2011

My New Bike!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Wednesday evening Hansen and I ventured out to Des Moines to pick up a bicycle I bought from and add on Craigslist. Yup, it is my birthday present to myself! After giving my commuter bike to Hansen, I kind of wanted a new bike for riding to work. This bike is cool because it has a chain guard! And and internal gear shifting rear hub along with a disk brake on the rear wheel. Perfect technology for a short, easy commute. If you're wondering, the bike is a GT Rapid Transit and was only built in like 1997. It was pretty expensive back then, now used and a bit beat up but in excellent working order,I picked it up for $95.00. Way better than a Target bike for twice its price! I ordered some cheap fenders which will be here tomorrow and then the bike will be complete. Maren still has the pink GT hybrid bike I bought for her back in college, so now we have matcher bikes. Happy Birthday to me!

Here is my bike at work yesterday. Usually it is not alone on the bike rack, but yes, rain may have been a factor.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Sweet birthday present! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the nifty new bike! Have fun riding it!