Monday, October 31, 2011

Much Better?

Good morning, it is Monday.

And a spooky Monday it is! Happy Halloween everyone! I don't have Halloween pictures yet because tonight will be Trick or Treating...I will get the camera out to be sure.

Hansen and Preston got new lightweight jackets over the weekend. Of course, this is as heavy a jacket either will ever wear this year. The temps at the bus stop have been around 39 degrees and just a sweatshirt and shorts seems to work just fine for these kids!

This white with blue and gray stripes fuzzy lined sweatshirt/jacket is Hansen's most favorite jacket he has ever owned!

This thermos belongs to Preston's second grade teacher. Mrs. Radford has been using this thermos for like 30 years! The handle has been broken off for years so the other day I fixed it...kind of. I looked for a matcher handle at the thrift store for a long time, but a drawer handle will do for now. So, yes, it is ugly, but it works better than no handle...maybe.

Have fun trick or treating tonight. I will!

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Molly said... did you ever attach the handle without drilling into the vacuum space of the thermos? Glued on? Nice job however you did it.

Our part of NH got around a foot, not the 31 inches in southern NH. Naw, we didn't run the snowblower, with forecast temps and ground still warm it should melt. I said should BETTER melt.

Fortunately our truck has 4WD and easily drove over it.

Happy Halloween!