Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Great Sale.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The rain has set in around here of late, so I bought new windshield wipers for the pick-up and for my van. Costco had a good sale, and Maren's car had new ones put on not long ago. All I can say is wow! New windshield wipers make life much nicer. And a hanging SpongeBob from your rear view mirror doesn't hurt either.

The Costco sale was buy a wiper, get a wiper free. I had actually gone in to buy a new set for my pick-up and Maren's car as a back up pair, but it turns out the limit for the sale was one. The funny thing is that the cashier was trying to explain this to me so I would put away one of the sets...I think. All I remember is her saying somthing about the wiper sale and me just nodding my head saying, "'s a great sale!" Don't blame me...she had cool glasses and was cute! Anyhow, after a quick ice-cream sunday for Hansen and I, I realized the bill seemed too high and hit the customer service desk on the way out. The fellow who took the extra two wipers in return just laughed and pointed to the huge pile of wiper blades from customers making the same exact mistake.

This is a picture Hansen took a few weeks ago with his cell phone. He doesn't know Steve Jobs from anyone, but he thought my texting posture was the same as the Jobs silhouette. It is amazing what Steve Jobs created. Maren's first computer ever (back in 1990) was an Apple Classic. It was less powerful than Hansen's cell phone and cost more than you would pay today for a basic computer. But it was cool. Maren really likes her Apple products...the headline of this issue was correct wasn't it?

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Congrats on the new wipers. Cool picture of you and Steve Jobs - I was sorry to hear about his passing.