Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goal setting Baseball.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I had goal setting conferences with both Hansen's teacher and Lillian's teacher. These two kids are very good students and perform very well on the big ticket items. In order to make goals for themselves, they have to get down the the small details. They both have a couple of good goals (no silly, not soccer goals) to work on in reading, mathematics and writing, but really as long as they keep on keeping on they will and are very good students. Setting goals and conferencing with the teachers is generally not fun for kids, but they get out of school 3 hours early every day this week just for 20 minutes of conference horribleness, well worth it. Now on to less important

I must admit, I have been very much enjoying this World Series in baseball. I am not a huge baseball follower during the season and I think that there are just too many games and I just can't pay attention that long. But the end of this season and the whole post season has been very exciting. I can't say I'm really voting for one team over the other, I don't really have an allegiance to either team and I like parts of both teams, so I guess I will be hoping for a Cardinals win to bring the series to a game seven.

I don't think the kids follow baseball at all, but last night Preston had Connor over and they were playing Nintendo baseball on the Wii. It is a very exciting game to watch with fire coming from the baseball and super steals and all kind of crazy things. I took this picture as a pitch was about to be thrown, I guess you have to see the action for yourself. Even Hansen and Lillie were watching the action...the real action, when the kids would throw down the remotes and bring the brawl into the living room.

See you tomorrow.

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Bernice said...

Baseball was always my favorite sport - used to go to many Phillies games with a friend,who was able to get free passes. And of course your grandpa was one of those special Red Sox fans, and so I became one also. I have been watching some of the games, and yes they've been pretty exciting.

Hansen and Lillie seem to be doing
really great!!!