Thursday, October 20, 2011


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was "Wacky Hair Day" at the little's school. Lillie loves these day! She put two little braids in front, then we spray painted her hair blue. It was very cool, and kind of wacky. I think it looked even more blue when she got home if that is possible. Lillie would like us to dye her hair blue for reals! Hansen refuses to participate in these wacky days, but maybe he brushed his hair a little more not wacky if that is possible?

Last night I took Preston down to pick u his Tux. It does look pretty sharp. They had to alter the jacket sleeves just a bit, so it was good he tried it on. While he was out with me and at soccer, he accidentally left his school stuff at Connor's house. Connor's older brother took that time to "turtle" his backpack:

Yup, turtling a backpack is where you turn the backpack inside out then lock everything back inside. The straps and the pockets are inside and mean turtlers actually zip-tie the zipper inside so you can't open it at all. Chase wasn't quite that mean! Preston is trying to do his homework, but is locked out of his backpack.

And lastly, here is my new bike with all its accessories. Now it has new grips, fenders, a rear rack, and one pannier bag on the left side. Way too fancy for my one mile commute, but way better than walking.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

Wow, we didn't have Wacky Hair Day when I went to school and we should have, sounds neat. Would you say more girls than boys participate?

"Turtling a backpack" - I had not heard of this. Hilarious. I am going to try it out on Scotty's back pack....shhhh, don't tell him.

Nice job in the bike. Is the pannier carrier solid or collapsible? What is the material? Does it cause riding problems (weight distribution) with only having it on one side?

Anonymous said...

The bike looks very nice. Cool blue hair - Wacky Hair day sounds like fun!

Julian's Blog said...

Yup, the girls like crazy hair day way more than boys. The pannier is soft sides, but pretty solid. It is no trouble, way easier/nicer than a back pack!

Jenn said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog. :) I have never heard of turtling a backpack...sounds really interesting. I might have to try it sometime... *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

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