Monday, September 26, 2011

A new bike?

Good morning, it is Monday.

What a strange weekend weather wise. We are totally heading into fall and winter, but a few days of summer still linger. Saturday Preston has a soccer game in Redmond at 10:00am. By the time the second half came around, it was 80 degrees and the kids were totally beat. While Preston had a very good game scoring 2 goals, it wasn't enough for the team as they lost 2-4.

Maren and Lillie got to go to a jewelry party at Carol's house. Lillie lucked out this weekend as she got to shop and buy jewelry, then spend the night at Carol and John's house with her cousins Claire and Avery. Fun times!

Not to be left out, Hansen got a new bicycle (kind of) and Hansen and I went out for a long bike ride. His new bike is my old Gary Fisher hybrid that I use for riding to work. I took off the fenders, put on a different seat, put on road tires, and didn't need to adjust anything else as the kid has gotten quite big. He has been wanting a road bike as he only has a small bmx bike, so this will do for a while. It goes fast and his quite sturdy as he still likes to jump curbs and such.

Here is Hansen cruising down the Cedar River Trail.

Last week was Amber's birthday! Happy Birthday little sister! We may have had some of Preston's left over cake in your honor.

And finally, I went to open house at Kentlake high school. Got to meet Preston's teachers and hang out on campus. It feels like a high school. Preston really is enjoying himself there.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hansen on his new bike. Glad Preston likes his new school and Lillie got some jewelry!

Amber said...

Wait, no stabs at how old I am!?! Hehehe, thanks big bro! Leftover cake sounds delish.

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