Monday, September 05, 2011

Life's Good.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Last year on this exact day I was standing in this exact place watching a soccer game with most of the same parents. Last year I took three photos from this place, one of the Tribal party to the right, soccer in front, and fields being worked on behind. I could have taken the same photo...but instead here is a link to last year,s blog, which could have been today's blog easily enough:

But just leaving it at that, would have been lame, besides, Lillie has been riding that bike for a whole year now. So here is a new picture from an evening game. The parents standing in a line is a cool shadow:

Preston had arguably his best day of soccer in his life yesterday. In the morning he played very well, being very aware and scoring a couple of amazing goals. Including one off the kickoff where he noticed the goalie too far out so he hit it over his head from mid field. Cool. The afternoon game was against the Rapids who are a huge rival. This game was also the Semifinal game. Preston had a hat-trick and an assist on the way to a 4-3 victory. The final game is today at noon. Should be good, they are playing a tough team.

In between games we made a trip to Value Village. Today is the fifty percent Labor Day sale, but yesterday "club members" got to enjoy the sale a day early. I am wearing one of my cool new tee-shirts right now! A "Life's Good" Dog days shirt. Let me just say, we sure get a better deal on this sale than we do buying just a couple of back to school shirts for Lillie at Justice!

See you tomorrow


Molly said...

How cool is that? Neat shot with the shadows. Competition for Susanna!

sussah said...

the sharp shadows are what makes this year's photo different than last year's. the sun came out here for a little while too, but still lots of wind and clouds from tropical storm/depression Lee. happy Labor Day to the whole fam!! love, susanna

Bernice said...

What an interesting photo of the shadows - sun was there at just the right time. Kudos to Preston for his great soccer games. Looks
like it was a good Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Preson! I like all the Life is Good stuff - congrats on your t-shirt!