Monday, September 19, 2011

A birthday weekend!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy Birthday to Preston!!!

We have had quite a birthday weekend around here! Saturday evening we invited everyone to The Rock Pizza for Preston's birthday dinner. We had a very long table full of pizza! Afterwards it was Coldstone birthday cake and presents at our house.

The night before it was a trip to the Puyallup Fair. Preston met up with friends, we met up with cousins, everyone had a great time. Of course we never saw Preston or his friends except for this chance meeting near the dime toss:

Yes, the boys had a great time tossing dimes and goofing off. They had tons of great stories of their goofiness. I would guess that these four boys spent less and had more fun than anyone else at the fair!

I won Lillie and Claire these cute little Lemurs! I still got mad dart throwing skills.

Hansen and Alex won these cute ukuleles. They have mad crossbow skills.

We saw baby pigs, cows, but we missed the cats. Here is the Roadside Chainsaw Carver.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

What a wonderful birthday weekend. Good food, lots of fun - what else
can you ask for!!!

Happy Birthday Preston.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Preston! Love the lemurs!

sussah said...

Happy Birthday to Preston!! across the internet he looks older than 14. love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

Susanna, he is older than 14:) Yes, he could pass for even older.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Preston! I wish we could've had pizza and ice cream cake with you!!!

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