Monday, September 26, 2011

A new bike?

Good morning, it is Monday.

What a strange weekend weather wise. We are totally heading into fall and winter, but a few days of summer still linger. Saturday Preston has a soccer game in Redmond at 10:00am. By the time the second half came around, it was 80 degrees and the kids were totally beat. While Preston had a very good game scoring 2 goals, it wasn't enough for the team as they lost 2-4.

Maren and Lillie got to go to a jewelry party at Carol's house. Lillie lucked out this weekend as she got to shop and buy jewelry, then spend the night at Carol and John's house with her cousins Claire and Avery. Fun times!

Not to be left out, Hansen got a new bicycle (kind of) and Hansen and I went out for a long bike ride. His new bike is my old Gary Fisher hybrid that I use for riding to work. I took off the fenders, put on a different seat, put on road tires, and didn't need to adjust anything else as the kid has gotten quite big. He has been wanting a road bike as he only has a small bmx bike, so this will do for a while. It goes fast and his quite sturdy as he still likes to jump curbs and such.

Here is Hansen cruising down the Cedar River Trail.

Last week was Amber's birthday! Happy Birthday little sister! We may have had some of Preston's left over cake in your honor.

And finally, I went to open house at Kentlake high school. Got to meet Preston's teachers and hang out on campus. It feels like a high school. Preston really is enjoying himself there.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A birthday weekend!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy Birthday to Preston!!!

We have had quite a birthday weekend around here! Saturday evening we invited everyone to The Rock Pizza for Preston's birthday dinner. We had a very long table full of pizza! Afterwards it was Coldstone birthday cake and presents at our house.

The night before it was a trip to the Puyallup Fair. Preston met up with friends, we met up with cousins, everyone had a great time. Of course we never saw Preston or his friends except for this chance meeting near the dime toss:

Yes, the boys had a great time tossing dimes and goofing off. They had tons of great stories of their goofiness. I would guess that these four boys spent less and had more fun than anyone else at the fair!

I won Lillie and Claire these cute little Lemurs! I still got mad dart throwing skills.

Hansen and Alex won these cute ukuleles. They have mad crossbow skills.

We saw baby pigs, cows, but we missed the cats. Here is the Roadside Chainsaw Carver.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was the start of Lillie's dance class and drama club. Yup, she is dancing and acting this year. Lillie will be doing drama club before school on Mondays, and dance class in the evening on both Mondays and Thursdays. Along with Preston's soccer, we are going! Hansen is taking the season off, but counting the days till track season starts.

These are Lillie's dance shoes for now. On the left is a Jazz shoe, and on the right is a ballet slipper. The slippers are brand new, the Jazz shoes we were able to pick up used at the dance studio. Next week we will buy her some foot underwear for Jazz as well. Yup, foot underwear, sounds ridiculous huh? I would explain, but I will just take a picture (gasp!) and post them once we get them.

Off to wake up the littles for school, then steamer clean the carpet before work. Hope this plan works out.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

In the face?

Good morning, it is Monday.

This was quite a weekend. Warmest weekend of the year, Marta Golf Tournament, a soccer game, the last day the pool was open this year, kick-off at Sunday School along with Pastor's last day, and 10 year anniversary of 9/11 which was all over the TV.

Here are some of the crew running the Marta Connell Golf Tournament. Steve and I played OK, we just never had any spark to get us on a roll. After our round we hurried over, took the middle two spots at the table above, and did the scoring and awards and such. The tournament went very well and once again raised plenty of money.

Steve and I hanging in a golf carts a few holes into the round.

The last day of the pool was fun. Lillie and I competed in the water balloon toss. We made it the first couple of tosses, but 15 yards got us. Maren had a good day at Church, she said there were lots of tears and applause and such as it was Pastor Strand's last day. It was also Sunday School kick-off, and as Maren is a Sunday School teacher, she got to be part of the fun. I missed it as I was at Preston's soccer game. Preston had a wonderful game, scoring 4 times to lead his team to a relatively easy victory. The other parents had a big problem with Preston's speed and ease of scoring goals. The other parents were rudely yelling at the refs and the players...after the second time Preston got a breakaway and a slick goal, a rude parent (not the normal parent) yelled out, "If he does that again, punch him in the face!" Preston never got punched in the face, but he did score two more times. We don't see too many parents yelling garbage out of their mouths...but yesterday was just such a day and I feel bad for the kids on that team with their garbage mouth parents.

This add for a TV show or something is on the back cover of Time. Just strange...but the date is good.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was passport day. We have a trip to Canada in the nearish future, and a Mexican cruise always sounds, passports for the kids. Mine is still good for another year or so, but Maren had to renew hers as well.

Third time is the charm...Preston had to get his picture take three times. First time he was smiling too much, then the photo was too small, and finally it worked. We (uh, Maren) had filled out the applications ahead of time, so it was a trip to Rite Aid for pictures, then around the corner to the licensing place. Worked out perfectly as there was no waiting and we were prepared, but I must say, passports for the whole family is not cheap! We did enjoy Arby's for dinner.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Concentrate and ask again.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

We made it through the long weekend in style. Last night we had a small BBQ in the back yard followed by a fire pit. Hansen brought home a little sand from the beach last week, so last night I cut a pop can in half and put some sand in it. It went directly in the middle of the fire...Hansen is trying to make glass. After school today we will dig out the can and see what happened.

Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Preston's team finished regular time in the finals with a 2-2 tie. They then went on to loose the game in penalty kicks. They did get a medal, and Preston was the kid introducing each of his teammates as they got their medals.

Preston went first in the PK shoot out. He made his goal and came back to mid field to get congrats by his teammates.

This shot is during the game, Preston taking a free kick. I should have gotten a wider shot so you could see the rest of the team on the right crashing the goal.

I also took down the tent and put it away in the garage. While I had Maren's car out, I brought the Halloween boxes down. Lillie was a very happy camper.

It's never too early to start trying on ideas for Halloween, is it?

Well, according to Hansen's new Magic 8 is decidedly so. Hansen has had way too much fun with his magic 8 ball. Last night Hansen was asking questions like, "Should Preston reach over the edge of the couch and punch me?"..."Without a doubt."..."NOOO!"...Thump. I would recommend Hansen ask more, uh, life preserving questions.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Life's Good.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Last year on this exact day I was standing in this exact place watching a soccer game with most of the same parents. Last year I took three photos from this place, one of the Tribal party to the right, soccer in front, and fields being worked on behind. I could have taken the same photo...but instead here is a link to last year,s blog, which could have been today's blog easily enough:

But just leaving it at that, would have been lame, besides, Lillie has been riding that bike for a whole year now. So here is a new picture from an evening game. The parents standing in a line is a cool shadow:

Preston had arguably his best day of soccer in his life yesterday. In the morning he played very well, being very aware and scoring a couple of amazing goals. Including one off the kickoff where he noticed the goalie too far out so he hit it over his head from mid field. Cool. The afternoon game was against the Rapids who are a huge rival. This game was also the Semifinal game. Preston had a hat-trick and an assist on the way to a 4-3 victory. The final game is today at noon. Should be good, they are playing a tough team.

In between games we made a trip to Value Village. Today is the fifty percent Labor Day sale, but yesterday "club members" got to enjoy the sale a day early. I am wearing one of my cool new tee-shirts right now! A "Life's Good" Dog days shirt. Let me just say, we sure get a better deal on this sale than we do buying just a couple of back to school shirts for Lillie at Justice!

See you tomorrow

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bottom left.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

The weather has been absolutly great for the first week of school and for this long weekend. Of course we are scheduling our fun around a soccer tournament. Yesterday Preston's team tied, today he has two games.

Yesterday after Preston's game, I took Lillie out for a little garage sale walk. She is an excellent shopper! I looked around, and then looked for her to see if she was ready to go, but nope...still shopping away. Unfolding shirts, setting the ones she was interested aside, and refolding the ones not intersted in. With the end of summer, will be the end of garage sales, so sad:(

Lillie ended up with a couple of shirts and I got to visit with a highschool friend who was holding a garage sale in their yard. I see him about every year when we stumble upon his garage sale.

Yesterday evening I was feeling a bit house bound, so I offered to take Hansen to the driving range. He usually accepts as he really seems to enjoy the golf course these days. He is getting better all the time and starting to realize that the fundamentals that I am trying to teach him may actully work. I took this picture because of the stunning view of Mt. Ranier in the background. The sun was shining on the mountian and it was an amazing view...of course my camera didn't pick it up, so you will have to use your imagination. It is really there, beyond the parking lot, trust me!

This is Hansen and I goofing off at Costco. A little demo of a security system or something. I am in the bottom left and Hansen is in the top right. Mom and Lillie were probably doing the real shopping.

See you tomorrow.

P.S. Spell check is not working...not responsible for misspleed wrods.

Friday, September 02, 2011

First day of school.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kiddos. And the first day back at work for me. Sounds like each of the kids had a fine first day of school, liked their teachers and schedules just fine, and will be ready to go back today.

Preston and Connor are now in high school. Too old to get pictures taken before school, but I did it anyway. Connor's mom is taking pity on the boys and driving them to school yesterday and of next week they will be on the bus. They are lucky to have a whole bus dedicated to one stop just around the corner from us. That means a swift 12 minute ride to school and back.

Lillie and Hansen getting ready to head to the bus stop. We took a vote, and they both wanted to take the bus to school on the first day rather than have mom take them, drop them off, and take pictures. The bus ride to school was pretty empty for them, but the ride home was full of friends. These two are not quite as lucky as Preston in the bus department, their bus takes more like 45 minutes to get to or from school. But they enjoy the time goofing with friends...or sometimes doing their homework.

My day went smooth. For now I even have my own little office. Our school is a bit low on attendance, so hopefully when the official head counts are taken in a month no one looses their jobs or gets shuffled around. Myself included.

See you tomorrow.