Sunday, August 21, 2011

Soccer, Alki pics and birthdays!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

This was a big birthday weekend around here. We have not celebrated, had cake, opened presents and all that jazz...but we've got to say "Happy Birthday!" to the birthday girlz. Sunday was Carol's birthday and Saturday was Mel's birthday. After church yesterday we did get taken out for ice-cream by Carol on her birthday. Preston said we should be buying for Carol on her birthday, but Carol said, "It's my birthday, I'll make the get whatever you want, and I'm paying!" Thanks Carol. Happy birthday girls.

This weekend Preston's soccer team played in Snohomish at the Bigfoot tournament. There were over 300 teams playing and tons of campers lining the fields. We were able to drive, so we did...the boys would have rather camped I'm sure.

Here is a pic of Preston getting ready to fight for the ball...which will be entering the area momentarily.
This sign was just down the road from the soccer fields. I got a kick of it...kind of something along the lines of Susanna's blog.

When leaving the field on Thursday, we saw a parashuter spiraling down as his shoot did not open correctly. It was very scary. Later we heard on the news that he had died. Very sad.

The next pictures are from a couple of weeks ago. They are from Stef and Derek's new place in Seattle...actually just across the street at Alki Beach.

Talk about a great view of the water and the city! This pic was taken of our bunch while standing on their front steps.

I like this picture. Lillie and I went down to the sand while the others did their thing. Lillie's sand castle is getting swept up as the tide comes in. The two girls in the background were taking turns taking silly pictures of each other...trying to get a good profile pic for facebook to be sure.

And while Lillie and I were in the sand, the others took their rental thing for a trip to Slurpee land. The kid on the front loves Slurpees! Heck, who doesn't?

Walking back to Stef's place, from left to right was Hansen, Preston, Stef, and Abby. Lillie and I just couldn't keep up!

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Hi Julian, Hi, I liked that realty sign right away! haha, love, sp