Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pink Palace.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday we finished the tree house. We went over and over on what to paint on the outside. Ideas like Girlz Zone, Fairy Clubhouse, and Lillie's Lair were being tossed around. I was about to paint Lillie's Lair when Hansen said, "It is bad enough that the tree house is now you have to put her name on it too?" Yup, we don't really want the best for our siblings at times, but I did take that into consideration. Not sure The Pink Palace is really any more inviting to the boys than Lillie's Lair would have been, but I guess I get it.

The inside is still grubby from when the boys painted it back in 2004, but the outside looks splendid.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

Might you post a photo of the inside? One rarely gets to see the inside of Tree Houses that are "Off Limits".

Nice paint job. Startling color to be sure!

sussah said...

The Pink Palace is the best of the names you considered. are you ok on zoning ordinances? and the historic restoration committee? I hope Lillie has many fun times in there. love, sp

Bernice said...

Pink Palace it is. Hope you get
the inside cleaned up and that
Lillie has many fun days in her
Pink Palace. You did a great job....

Ellen said...

It looks great!

Julian's Blog said...

Sorry Molly, if you want to see the inside of the tree will have to see it in person!
Hansen was the Historic Restoratioin Committee, and he was not too pleased. But the tree house only dates back to 2004, so what could he do? The new owner, Lillie, only gave a slight consession. I was the contractor and artist:)

Molly said...

Fair enough - but if I do get to the west coast, I get dibs on sleeping in the tree house.

My siblings and I always had a tree house [in a ficus tree] but it wasn't painted. We played Tarzan a lot.

And yes, you guessed right: The Swiss Family Robinson was a favorite book and movie of ours.

Your comment about the Historic Restoration Committee cracked me up. I can see where your kids get their humor........