Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello again!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

We are having a great summer and doing just fine. My lack of blogging of late has nothing to do with anything other than I just have not felt like blogging. I'm sure I will get back to it each day like I intended. I guess social media such as facebook and the like are kind of filling the spot in me that my blog did, and I feel that I have been getting almost too much computer/technology time in my life. I have kind of been thinking that it is time to get rid of my smart phone and just go back to a simple phone and an actual camera. Hmm.

My phone really is amazing, I mean, I can check Twitter and Facebook anytime. I can upload and download pictures and information anytime. I can get directions to anywhere at anytime. I can find a Starbucks or MacDonald's anywhere in the world. I have crazy apps and can make my phone do fart noises or talk through a goofy mustache. It is like that Geico commercial..."do people use smart phones to do stupid things?" YES...I Do! And it is very fun. Each day there is even more that the phone can do. With this phone I can do anything! Or nothing...which is probably closer to the outcome. It's addicting, I try to put my phone down...but then I just pick it up again. Disturbing huh?

Anyhow, sorry for not blogging. I will try harder to keep my blog updated and continue to post goofy pictures and such. I really didn't just fall off the planet.

So for some news. I got a letter from the King County Court yesterday telling me that the court has totally dismissed my parking ticket! Yay! I guess sending in a picture and a note about how I was not guilty actually worked. Which is great, because if I had actually had a court date set, I would have gone in and made a fool of myself and probably the end result would have been a visit to the slammer! Maren and the kids would have actually gotten the chance to see what the inside of one of those bail bond places looks like. Just joking, but I am glad they dismissed it...I believe it should never have been issued in the first place.

Maren just got back from an early learning conference in Spokane. She was there for three days and two nights. She got to fly a little plane there and back. The flight was short enough that when she left Spokane in her airplane, I left home in my van, and we both made it to the airport in the same amount of time! They even served her free wine! Maren figures that when you actually pay to get on an small airplane with propellers, it is the least they can do.

And lastly, yesterday we picked up a flute for Hansen. Maren's co-worker from back in her Bellevue days, and still her buddy, had an old flute from I'm guessing her school days and is letting Hansen use it. We picked it up yesterday and will bring it to the music store today to get it checked out and in good working order. Thank you Julie! Hansen is excited.

See you tomorrow...really.


Ellen said...

I'm so glad they dismissed your parking ticket! Congrats to Hansen on the flute! I'd say just blog if you feel like it, and if you don't, don't. Blogging should be fun.

sussah said...

Dear Julian, Nice to hear from you again. I don't go into the twittosphere very much or facebook either. There is not enough time to do everything, all the obligations & other stuff, to do all of that. I think that time management is very challenging, and you and Maren plus your three kids are doing a great job. love, susanna