Monday, August 15, 2011

Flaming Geyser State Park

Good evening, it is Monday.

Just got back from a walk with Maren, now I'm doing a little blogging. Today turned out to be a great weather day, not too hot or too cold. Sitting around this morning we (the kids an I) decided to go on an "unknown adventure". Actually we had an idea, but the unknown always sounds mysterious. We started out at Flaming Geyser State Park. I hadn't been there for a couple of years, but I wasn't expecting to have to pay. Thanks to the world of no new taxes and no jobs and so on, you now have to pay to enter a state park. I purchased a year pass for $30.00 as apposed to a $10.00 daily pass, and off we went in search of adventure.

And we're off!

The Flaming Geyser had no flame...but it kind of had a few bubbles. Preston's look of "huh" is perfect. And behind him the orange fence is telling us that the bridge to the Bubbling Geyser is closed! Luckily we kind of know the area, so we took the long way around and still found the bubbling Geyser.

The Bubbling Geyser is only seen from a different bridge. It wasn't much more impressive than the Flaming Geyser, but it was fun to be out there. The area is totally amazing with its old forest and views. Lillie is checking out the creek.

The boys checking out the geyser.

We checked out this cliff. It is quite wooded, but with the sun breaking through, it is amazing. Lillie needed Preston to keep her safe.

And you can't leave the park without heading to the river to skip rocks. This is a very calm spot of the river, but it is very deceptive. Every year someone dies in this river not far from here as the water is moving quickly. In fact, just this year a law was enacted that requires a life jacket if you are in the water...too many rescue missions. We ended the adventure at Jamba Juice. Yum!

The weather is supposed to stay nice this week! See you tomorrow.

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Bernice said...

What a fun adventure, and Jumba Juice - that's yummy.