Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night Maren and I went to a parent dinner at Preston's high school. Today through Thursday Preston and all the other 9th graders get to go to orientation. Yup, the kid is at school...high school! Lots of paperwork and computer stuff involved, but it is all good. And the other great school news is...Lillie has a bus pass! Usually they make us wait until the second week of school for her pass, but we got the news this morning.

On the computer/technology front, we switched to Comcast for everything...TV, internet, and phone. We had been using Qwest for internet and phone, but couldn't get a dish to work due to so many trees. The slowish internet never bothered me until lately. The kids xbox was slow to connect and I couldn't get iTV to work wirelessly with the new DVD player. Yesterday the cable guy came out and set us up. Now the iTV is working and the xbox is flying. My computer may be a bit faster, but it is old and slow anyway. So by bundling we get more tv channels, better internet, free long distance on the land line, and actually save a $15.00. So I'm happy...I think bundling with Century Link (who took over from Quest) would have been even cheaper, but we just can't get dish reception at our house. I am keeping my same e-mail address for now.

Here is a picture from the other day. Maren says some bloggers do a "Friday Dump" where they post the pics they never got around to posting. I'm sure the kids and I could have lots of fun with a "Friday Dump", butt...er, but I prefer to dump whenever I want to.

Maren and Lillie getting ready to go camping in our back yard. Lillie was bumming that she didn't get to go actual camping this summer, so I set up the tent in the back yard. They were on their own as Preston was at a friends and Hansen said his bed was much more comfortable and really only a few steps away. The girls made it until 1:00 am! That is past midnight, it counts! Preston and his buddies used the tent the next night. Now it is just getting soaking wet thanks to the rain. Can't put it away until it drys out, so it may be there for another few days.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We're happy with our Comcast internet and TV, which are both better than anything we've had. Dad likes the channels better on Comcast, too. Glad yours is working fine.

sussah said...

I agree with Hansen about a bed being better than camping. My ultimate goal in life is to be able to sleep in a bed, up off the ground. (it's nice being able to say I've accomplished my ultimate goal.) love, sp

Amber said...

I've never heard of Friday Dump! I like it! Well, except I sort of dump whenever I want, too...

We just put Aurora's tent back up in the living room and she likes to hide from daddy in there. But, he can just lift it up.

Bernice said...

I have comcast cable for TV and internet - not for thephone, and I'm happy with it - lots of channels because they went digital a few months ago and it applies to all tv's in the house.
Lillie and Maren stuck it out for a
short time, but I'm sure they felt good about it. You're right Hansen, the bed is better than camping!!!

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