Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A cute green hoodie shirt.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I just got back from the airport. Dropped off Amber and Aurora for their 11:00 flight back home to Austin. Aurora is really excited to watch her new movie Bambie with her Daddy. We had a great visit and I will now turn it over to the pictures:

Pike Place Market. Always amazing things to see. The ice-cream was good too!

The parking garage between Pike Place Market and the waterfront. We started at the Aquarium, then ate at Steamer's, then up to the market.

In the Seattle Aquarium. Hansen is texting or playing with pictures on his phone while Lillie and Aurora check out the scuba diver in the large front exhibit.

Aurora very early in the morning. She was adjusting to Seattle time just fine, but was still the first one up each day. She liked having me draw things on the dry-erase board, then she would erase them just as fast. Yesterday it was houses...shoe houses, flower houses, etc. They had to have stairs to the bedrooms.

On the deck during the BBQ at our house. We had plenty of folks over including Maren's parents, Stef, a few of Amber's friends, and even a few of the neighbor kids. Fun times and good eats.

Lillie at the Children's Museum in Factora Mall. When Amber and I compared pictures, I seemed to have a bunch of Lillie and she seemed to have a bunch of Aurora. Wacky huh?

Last night after our BBQ, a few of the families in the culdesac got together to have a back to school smores party. Here we all are making smores in the street!

At the little's school, a sneak peek. I think Aurora would be ready to go to school too! The kids were able to meet their teachers and bring their school supplies as not to have to worry about them on the first day. Both Lillie and Hansen seem quite happy with their teachers and classes. Yay!

Well, we had a very nice visit with Amber and Aurora, tomorrow we start school and I head back to work. With that comes a new high school, more dance classes, plenty of soccer, lots of homework, friends, and hopefully ton of good times. I guess it's go time!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great pictures! Sounds like a great visit. Pike Place and the Aquarium remind me of when I used to work there. I hope everyone has a great school year ahead - sounds exciting!

Bernice said...

I saw Ambers pictures today, and comparing them - you all had such a good time together. Hope that you have the opportunity to do it again soon.

mycouponbasket said...

Wow!!! wonderful snaps. It appears that you have enjoyed a lot.