Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birds and Cars

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The other morning Maren looked out at the bird feeders and gave a little shriek. One of the bird feeders was gone! I looked over the fence, and there it was, down and out:

I got out my bicycle and rode around to the back of the house (it is a long little journey as there is no gate...and good to not have a gate as the bad guys don't use our house as a get away portal like they used to do our neighbors when they had a gate) grabbed the bird feeder, filled it up and:

Ta-da! Two bird feeders! The birds were already chirping by the time I was putting the rake away. Yes, I do use a rake to grab the bird feeders from the branch.

Now on to more exciting Here are a few pics of cars I have seen in the last few days that I thought were cool. Now mind you, almost any car is cooler than my car, and there are tons of cool cars out there these days.

This is a line of the new Fiat cars lined up at a soccer tournament. I would drive one of these little Fiats any day. Too cool, even cooler than a Mini Cooper if you ask me.

Parked next to me at Costco, a new Zero emissions Nissan. All electric, zero gas. Cool! But very ugly! I think I will keep my van.

And lastly, this Mustang was at the pool. It is very cool. I didn't get a picture of the 1970 fast back parked on the other side. It was white with blue racing stripes. I like it way more, but then again, convertible roofs are kind of silly around here except for like 3 weeks of the year.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I like all the cars. I've seen several new Fiats on the road in different colors - all cool. I'd definitely consider it for a next car, though Dad thinks they're kind of small. I've seen an all electric Ford Focus that was better looking than that Nissan, though with no garage an electic car probably isn't such a good idea. And of course, the Mustang is always classic!

Sally said...

I like that little Fiat, too. I have
not seen them in Ocala.
Julian, have you seen your father's
Mustang? It is cool.

Molly said...

Looking forward to pix of you and your visitors! Thanks. How often do the cousins get to see each other?