Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A cute green hoodie shirt.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I just got back from the airport. Dropped off Amber and Aurora for their 11:00 flight back home to Austin. Aurora is really excited to watch her new movie Bambie with her Daddy. We had a great visit and I will now turn it over to the pictures:

Pike Place Market. Always amazing things to see. The ice-cream was good too!

The parking garage between Pike Place Market and the waterfront. We started at the Aquarium, then ate at Steamer's, then up to the market.

In the Seattle Aquarium. Hansen is texting or playing with pictures on his phone while Lillie and Aurora check out the scuba diver in the large front exhibit.

Aurora very early in the morning. She was adjusting to Seattle time just fine, but was still the first one up each day. She liked having me draw things on the dry-erase board, then she would erase them just as fast. Yesterday it was houses...shoe houses, flower houses, etc. They had to have stairs to the bedrooms.

On the deck during the BBQ at our house. We had plenty of folks over including Maren's parents, Stef, a few of Amber's friends, and even a few of the neighbor kids. Fun times and good eats.

Lillie at the Children's Museum in Factora Mall. When Amber and I compared pictures, I seemed to have a bunch of Lillie and she seemed to have a bunch of Aurora. Wacky huh?

Last night after our BBQ, a few of the families in the culdesac got together to have a back to school smores party. Here we all are making smores in the street!

At the little's school, a sneak peek. I think Aurora would be ready to go to school too! The kids were able to meet their teachers and bring their school supplies as not to have to worry about them on the first day. Both Lillie and Hansen seem quite happy with their teachers and classes. Yay!

Well, we had a very nice visit with Amber and Aurora, tomorrow we start school and I head back to work. With that comes a new high school, more dance classes, plenty of soccer, lots of homework, friends, and hopefully ton of good times. I guess it's go time!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Good morning, it is Monday.

Here are a few more pics and stories from yesterday. We have been mostly hanging out, but also doing stuff, yeah. I doubt grammar check can help that last sentence. Here you go:

Lillie doing Aurora's hair. Very cute!

Aurora enjoyed wearing Lillie's old recital dresses. Here she is wearing a recital dress and watching a recital on the TV. Aurora is very good at copying the TV...especially funny when putting the TV on fast forward, Aurora would just dance super fast!

At the pool with Mel, Court, Jack, Avery, Nana, and Grandpa. The kids had a great time in the pool and on the playground. I may have joined in the diving contest. Yeah, you may find a picture of that later.

Lillie and Amber watching a movie after Aurora went to sleep.
Yesterday was our second Taco Time. This is the Issaquah Taco Time Coke Machine. It was like the ultimate machine.

And my cannonball. I can really make a splash! The kids had fun using Amber's phone to zoom in on my backside...rude!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

They're here!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

For the last couple of days we have a had a couple of cute visitors! Amber and Aurora are visiting from know, where Sandy the Squirrel is from.

Aurora really likes her cereal. Today the funniest and saddest thing happened. Aurora thought she dropped a cheerio down her dress. She went to clean it out and she couldn't get it out! It was stuck and Aurora went from happy to sad. Amber went to help and we found out it was just Aurora's cheerio shaped belly button! Funny...maybe you just had to be there?

Yesterday Aurora wanted to paint. Rather than painting on paper, I suggested that the girls paint the inside of the Pink Palace. And that is just what happened. Amber was very brave and painted with Lillie and Aurora.

The inside turned out great. And here is a sneak peak from the start of the job. Lillie is painting a TV, Aurora is being a bit more random, and Amber painted some very artistic things.

We also spent some time at the beach. Hansen had fun burying Preston.

Maren, Lillie, Amber and Aurora had fun exploring the beach while Preston was getting burried.

Peaches! Maren purchased a bunch of peaches from a local farmer distribute company. I have been enjoying peaches and peach pie and we have been processing peaches. We had a small debate as I love a peach with the skin on and Amber does too...but Maren was under the impression that one should peel the skin to avoid the yuks. Amber put a poll up on Facebook, and I am glad to say that eating the skin is just fine. But so is finding other ways to eat pies!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birds and Cars

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The other morning Maren looked out at the bird feeders and gave a little shriek. One of the bird feeders was gone! I looked over the fence, and there it was, down and out:

I got out my bicycle and rode around to the back of the house (it is a long little journey as there is no gate...and good to not have a gate as the bad guys don't use our house as a get away portal like they used to do our neighbors when they had a gate) grabbed the bird feeder, filled it up and:

Ta-da! Two bird feeders! The birds were already chirping by the time I was putting the rake away. Yes, I do use a rake to grab the bird feeders from the branch.

Now on to more exciting Here are a few pics of cars I have seen in the last few days that I thought were cool. Now mind you, almost any car is cooler than my car, and there are tons of cool cars out there these days.

This is a line of the new Fiat cars lined up at a soccer tournament. I would drive one of these little Fiats any day. Too cool, even cooler than a Mini Cooper if you ask me.

Parked next to me at Costco, a new Zero emissions Nissan. All electric, zero gas. Cool! But very ugly! I think I will keep my van.

And lastly, this Mustang was at the pool. It is very cool. I didn't get a picture of the 1970 fast back parked on the other side. It was white with blue racing stripes. I like it way more, but then again, convertible roofs are kind of silly around here except for like 3 weeks of the year.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night Maren and I went to a parent dinner at Preston's high school. Today through Thursday Preston and all the other 9th graders get to go to orientation. Yup, the kid is at school...high school! Lots of paperwork and computer stuff involved, but it is all good. And the other great school news is...Lillie has a bus pass! Usually they make us wait until the second week of school for her pass, but we got the news this morning.

On the computer/technology front, we switched to Comcast for everything...TV, internet, and phone. We had been using Qwest for internet and phone, but couldn't get a dish to work due to so many trees. The slowish internet never bothered me until lately. The kids xbox was slow to connect and I couldn't get iTV to work wirelessly with the new DVD player. Yesterday the cable guy came out and set us up. Now the iTV is working and the xbox is flying. My computer may be a bit faster, but it is old and slow anyway. So by bundling we get more tv channels, better internet, free long distance on the land line, and actually save a $15.00. So I'm happy...I think bundling with Century Link (who took over from Quest) would have been even cheaper, but we just can't get dish reception at our house. I am keeping my same e-mail address for now.

Here is a picture from the other day. Maren says some bloggers do a "Friday Dump" where they post the pics they never got around to posting. I'm sure the kids and I could have lots of fun with a "Friday Dump",, but I prefer to dump whenever I want to.

Maren and Lillie getting ready to go camping in our back yard. Lillie was bumming that she didn't get to go actual camping this summer, so I set up the tent in the back yard. They were on their own as Preston was at a friends and Hansen said his bed was much more comfortable and really only a few steps away. The girls made it until 1:00 am! That is past midnight, it counts! Preston and his buddies used the tent the next night. Now it is just getting soaking wet thanks to the rain. Can't put it away until it drys out, so it may be there for another few days.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bert Ostergard

Good evening, it is Sunday evening.

This summer is just about over, and it has been a pretty good summer. But along with the good, we have seen some very sad as well. Saturday we attended a celebration of life for Maren's uncle Bert.

Uncle Bert (short for Albert) was one of John's younger brothers. At age 59, he had just retired a few months ago. By all accounts Bert was just a great guy who cherished his kids and had many friends. He was always super to me and the fam. Bert will be greatly missed.

See you tomorrow.

Soccer, Alki pics and birthdays!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

This was a big birthday weekend around here. We have not celebrated, had cake, opened presents and all that jazz...but we've got to say "Happy Birthday!" to the birthday girlz. Sunday was Carol's birthday and Saturday was Mel's birthday. After church yesterday we did get taken out for ice-cream by Carol on her birthday. Preston said we should be buying for Carol on her birthday, but Carol said, "It's my birthday, I'll make the get whatever you want, and I'm paying!" Thanks Carol. Happy birthday girls.

This weekend Preston's soccer team played in Snohomish at the Bigfoot tournament. There were over 300 teams playing and tons of campers lining the fields. We were able to drive, so we did...the boys would have rather camped I'm sure.

Here is a pic of Preston getting ready to fight for the ball...which will be entering the area momentarily.
This sign was just down the road from the soccer fields. I got a kick of it...kind of something along the lines of Susanna's blog.

When leaving the field on Thursday, we saw a parashuter spiraling down as his shoot did not open correctly. It was very scary. Later we heard on the news that he had died. Very sad.

The next pictures are from a couple of weeks ago. They are from Stef and Derek's new place in Seattle...actually just across the street at Alki Beach.

Talk about a great view of the water and the city! This pic was taken of our bunch while standing on their front steps.

I like this picture. Lillie and I went down to the sand while the others did their thing. Lillie's sand castle is getting swept up as the tide comes in. The two girls in the background were taking turns taking silly pictures of each other...trying to get a good profile pic for facebook to be sure.

And while Lillie and I were in the sand, the others took their rental thing for a trip to Slurpee land. The kid on the front loves Slurpees! Heck, who doesn't?

Walking back to Stef's place, from left to right was Hansen, Preston, Stef, and Abby. Lillie and I just couldn't keep up!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pink Palace.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday we finished the tree house. We went over and over on what to paint on the outside. Ideas like Girlz Zone, Fairy Clubhouse, and Lillie's Lair were being tossed around. I was about to paint Lillie's Lair when Hansen said, "It is bad enough that the tree house is now you have to put her name on it too?" Yup, we don't really want the best for our siblings at times, but I did take that into consideration. Not sure The Pink Palace is really any more inviting to the boys than Lillie's Lair would have been, but I guess I get it.

The inside is still grubby from when the boys painted it back in 2004, but the outside looks splendid.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Good evening, it is Tuesday night.

Today Lillie and I painted the tree house. The boys don't use it any longer so why not!

As of right now the tree house is totally pink on the outside. Tomorrow or the next day it will say in bold letters, "Lillie's Clubhouse!" The boys are not too impressed.

For the last few weeks we have stopped watering the hanging basket in front of our front window because it has become a bird's nest. The other day the babies got big enough (we think there were two?) and flew away. Today I took the basket down to take a quick look. Cool huh? One egg never did hatch.

Instead of pink...I'm going green. I changed the oil in my van today with recycled oil. It says it is 50% recycled, 100% protection. Since it was the same price, why not?

And lastly, Maren's newest comic strip on the wall. Can I get an extra cookie?

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Flaming Geyser State Park

Good evening, it is Monday.

Just got back from a walk with Maren, now I'm doing a little blogging. Today turned out to be a great weather day, not too hot or too cold. Sitting around this morning we (the kids an I) decided to go on an "unknown adventure". Actually we had an idea, but the unknown always sounds mysterious. We started out at Flaming Geyser State Park. I hadn't been there for a couple of years, but I wasn't expecting to have to pay. Thanks to the world of no new taxes and no jobs and so on, you now have to pay to enter a state park. I purchased a year pass for $30.00 as apposed to a $10.00 daily pass, and off we went in search of adventure.

And we're off!

The Flaming Geyser had no flame...but it kind of had a few bubbles. Preston's look of "huh" is perfect. And behind him the orange fence is telling us that the bridge to the Bubbling Geyser is closed! Luckily we kind of know the area, so we took the long way around and still found the bubbling Geyser.

The Bubbling Geyser is only seen from a different bridge. It wasn't much more impressive than the Flaming Geyser, but it was fun to be out there. The area is totally amazing with its old forest and views. Lillie is checking out the creek.

The boys checking out the geyser.

We checked out this cliff. It is quite wooded, but with the sun breaking through, it is amazing. Lillie needed Preston to keep her safe.

And you can't leave the park without heading to the river to skip rocks. This is a very calm spot of the river, but it is very deceptive. Every year someone dies in this river not far from here as the water is moving quickly. In fact, just this year a law was enacted that requires a life jacket if you are in the water...too many rescue missions. We ended the adventure at Jamba Juice. Yum!

The weather is supposed to stay nice this week! See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello again!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

We are having a great summer and doing just fine. My lack of blogging of late has nothing to do with anything other than I just have not felt like blogging. I'm sure I will get back to it each day like I intended. I guess social media such as facebook and the like are kind of filling the spot in me that my blog did, and I feel that I have been getting almost too much computer/technology time in my life. I have kind of been thinking that it is time to get rid of my smart phone and just go back to a simple phone and an actual camera. Hmm.

My phone really is amazing, I mean, I can check Twitter and Facebook anytime. I can upload and download pictures and information anytime. I can get directions to anywhere at anytime. I can find a Starbucks or MacDonald's anywhere in the world. I have crazy apps and can make my phone do fart noises or talk through a goofy mustache. It is like that Geico commercial..."do people use smart phones to do stupid things?" YES...I Do! And it is very fun. Each day there is even more that the phone can do. With this phone I can do anything! Or nothing...which is probably closer to the outcome. It's addicting, I try to put my phone down...but then I just pick it up again. Disturbing huh?

Anyhow, sorry for not blogging. I will try harder to keep my blog updated and continue to post goofy pictures and such. I really didn't just fall off the planet.

So for some news. I got a letter from the King County Court yesterday telling me that the court has totally dismissed my parking ticket! Yay! I guess sending in a picture and a note about how I was not guilty actually worked. Which is great, because if I had actually had a court date set, I would have gone in and made a fool of myself and probably the end result would have been a visit to the slammer! Maren and the kids would have actually gotten the chance to see what the inside of one of those bail bond places looks like. Just joking, but I am glad they dismissed it...I believe it should never have been issued in the first place.

Maren just got back from an early learning conference in Spokane. She was there for three days and two nights. She got to fly a little plane there and back. The flight was short enough that when she left Spokane in her airplane, I left home in my van, and we both made it to the airport in the same amount of time! They even served her free wine! Maren figures that when you actually pay to get on an small airplane with propellers, it is the least they can do.

And lastly, yesterday we picked up a flute for Hansen. Maren's co-worker from back in her Bellevue days, and still her buddy, had an old flute from I'm guessing her school days and is letting Hansen use it. We picked it up yesterday and will bring it to the music store today to get it checked out and in good working order. Thank you Julie! Hansen is excited.

See you tomorrow...really.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Dude, my shoe!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday I spent the day at a friend's house for his annual Pickleball tournament. There were 7 or 8 teams, all a blind draw in the morning. I was lucky to end up with my friend Scott. Scott is an excellent Pickleball player and we teamed up very well. I didn't even make one smart remark about his "everything WSU Cougars" wardrobe. We started playing about 9:30 in the morning and the last match (which we just barely lost in the finals) was around 5:00pm. Yes, I am a sore kid today...we must have played 15 games during the day. The very last game of the day we were up 10-8 and serving for the win, but somehow it didn't work out. The team that beat us really was better, but we just scraped an scraped and it almost worked out.

Scott and I, a pretty darn good Pickleball team.

Yesterday we had a family reunion at Seahurst Beach in Burien near where the Ostergard's live. Kids and adults got to hang with cousins and have a great time. The out of towners leave today, it was great to hang with them all. BJ took a ton of great pictures and they are out there in the world...but these are a few that I took. This on above is one I stepped out of the picture to the side and got everyone's attention for half a sec while BJ got ready for the real group photo from straight on.

The boys had fun tossing each other's shoes onto the rafters of the picnic site. Got to create some fun some how! And they did.

BJ taking more pictures of the group. She took a few super pics of our family too. You may even see one on our Christmas Card this year.

The weather was kind of cool most of the day, but before the day ended the sun came out. Here BJ is taking a few pics of Lillie and Camden as they have a great time playing in the water. My photos are perfect for my blog, but BJ's pictures are at a whole different level of amazing.

See you tomorrow.