Saturday, July 23, 2011

A parking ticket...really?

Good evening, it is Saturday.

The other day I went outside to find a parking ticket on my truck's windshield. I have carefully parked the truck this way as to have room for school buses and garbage trucks for quite some time now. It seems that if you put your tires just a bit on the sidewalk, you get a ticket.

I was not too pleased with this, so I will protest it just out of principle. I think a warning should have been in order anyhow. And today when we were out on a garage sale walk in our neighborhood, look how the police park:

Hmm. Too bad I didn't still have the ticket...I could have placed it on this car's windshield.

Anyhow, the weather has been great here. We have been to the pool the last couple of days and now I need to get off the computer and start the BBQ. Yum!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible! Grr... You're the most law-abiding citizen in town! The police should be out catching criminals!

Liz said...

Hello there,

What a great family blog!

The money for the parking ticket was better off given to charity, don't you think?

Anyhow, do visit my blog.

Don't forget to say "Hi!" when you do.


Molly said...

It appears that the car parked behind your vehicle is also on the sidewalk. If so, did they get a ticket too?