Monday, July 11, 2011

Do vampires like Costco pizza?

Good evening, it is Monday.

I spent the whole day changing the timing belt and accessory belts on my pick-up truck. I watched a YouTube video that someone in computer land had posted of him changing the timing belt on a similar truck. I just took my time and it all worked out. YouTube is way better than a manual. I did snap a screw off on a spinney thing that may or may not be a big deal...I figure that there are still a few left so it is all good. I have my fingers crossed. This job required that I drain and remove the radiator, so it has been flushed as well. Last time the truck was in the shop the fellow said the timing belt replacement was like $500.00 these days, so yay! I saved like $450 by spending a day working on the truck. Also, our SpongeBob painting is looking great, and that saved even more $$$. So what do we spend our money on you ask? Besides soccer? Costco:

Having a Costco a mile away is great! Tonight we called in, had them make a pizza, then showed up and had a hot pizza just waiting for us. Lillie had pizza grease running down her this picture is of her and I being vampires. As you can see, just as Maren snapped the picture Lillie decided she should be the only vampire and was sending an elbow right into my ribs. This vampire can take it.

This is my truck motor with all the parts taken off, getting ready to mark the timing belt for replacement.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Yikes, vampires! Congrats on changing the timing belt.

Sally said...

Julian, I so enjoy reading your blog
and getting to know your family. I
am majorly impressed that you installed your timing belt. Love,
Aunt Sally

sussah said...

I enjoy reading your blog too, we have a connection that we would not otherwise have. love, susanna PS: It is my understanding that vampires do not eat the same food we living humans eat, so more Costco Pizza for the rest of us! Lillie appears to be more vampire-like than you do, in this photo, probably because of the reddish markings around her mouth and that crazed mean look on her face.

Tor Hershman said...


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