Thursday, July 28, 2011

But I never had lunch.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The kids are in full on summer vacation mode...even with the cool weather. Seems like I wake up at 2:00 am every morning to go tell the boys to go to sleep. I don't mind too much as it is summer and Preston and Hansen seem to get along just fine when everyone else are sleeping. Yesterday I went golfing at 6:30 am, and I got home before any of the kids were even awake! What is funny is how they always wonder how in the world they missed out on breakfast or lunch depending on what they get when they woke up. At 5:30 pm they will be like, "what do you mean it is dinner time? I never had lunch!" It's because you had breakfast at noon you goof!

We have actually done other stuff besides just sleeping in:

We went to the 5th Avenue Theatre to see Aladdin. It was great. We are Aladdin fans in this house.

While in Seattle we saw and talked to this guy (bad picture) who is a street musician who was also on America's Got Talent. He was fun to talk to, he actually stopped playing to jokingly tell us how he really should have won it all!

And we have been to the Library. Lillie finished her summer reading sheet and I took her to pick up her prizes. Yes folks, prizes do work for this girl. Preston is in the background placing holds on the books he is assigned to read over the summer for school. Hansen is at the library too, wondering why I made him turn off the X-box and come with us.

Lillie and I visited Maren at work and brought on of her co-workers some bike wheels I had hanging in the garage. We took Maren on a Starbucks walk...Lillie chose a Slurpee from Target and then was too cold to be happy. Silly girl.

And making paint. Random, but fun. The next few weeks brings more soccer, visiting with family and friends, and hopefully more fun in the sun.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

It's so hard to imagine being too cold in the summer. But it's true that an Icee is better when the temps are in the upper 90s than in the lower 90s. haha, love, susanna

Anonymous said...

It's nice that the boys get along so well in the middle of the night. Tsk on missing lunch, though :) Congrats to Lillie on her reading prizes!

Julian's Blog said...

It was probably only 64 degrees in that is a blistering 71 degrees, about 75 in the house. Perfect! All the house windows are open and if it gets much warmer the box fans will come in from the garage...but I have had no reason so far to even think about putting in the window air-conditioner. I need an Icee!

Amber said...

I hope they've made the full rotation back into a normal sleep routine by the time we come. Aurora goes to sleep early and wakes up EARLY... if anything, she'll wake up earlier because of the time difference. Sigh.