Saturday, July 30, 2011

Playing Tourist

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday sure turned out to be a fun day. The Ostergards have relatives from Minnesota in town for the week and yesterday we were able to hang with them. Carol's cousin Roger, his daughter Bonnie Jean who is probably a few years younger than Maren, and her daughter Britta who is 4. The day started at Mel's house for playing and Pizza. I tried not to hurt too many kids on the trampoline...tried! Nah, I didn't hurt anyone. When the twins were ready for their naps, the rest of us headed into Seattle to do the tourist thing.

Bonnie Jean and Britta really wanted to go up to the top of the Space Needle. Lillie really did too, and what a perfect day...I think they could see all the way to where the world ends from up there as it was such a clear day. This pic is taken by me lying on the ground at the base of the Space Needle.

Bonnie Jean sent me this picture of Lillie...on top of the world! The reflections make Lillie's arm look all brused, but it was just the reflections, Lillie is looking nice and tan these days. It was about an hour and 15 minutes for the group to go up to the top of the Space Needle, so Hansen and I took off on our big adventure. The oldies (sorry John, Carol, and Roger, but the kids are the littles, and I am the base age here..;) hung around the Seattle Center house and had a nice relaxing time in the perfect weather.

Hansen and I raced to the monorail, went to Westlake Center, then hustled to Pike Place Market. Our goal was to get a cold coffee from the Original Starbucks, then go to a Magic Shop, then make it back in time to meet the girls at the base of the Space Needle. It worked out so perfectly...I am still geeking out about the perfect timing! The guys working at Starbucks were having a great time...I love this picture of Hansen. Hansen said he wasn't ready, but the guys in the back were, so I just took the pic.

And going into the Magic shop. I can't tell you that Hansen bought a shock pen. He may offer you a pen to use aware! The thing sends volts up your freaking arm...I know this to be true first hand!

Before we left Seattle, Lillie and Britta got to play in the big fountain for a few minutes. Good times. I don't even have any pics with our out of towners, but we will see them again before they leave and I am sure the camera will be clicking.

Once we left Seattle, we still had some adventure left. The littles and I drove to Wild Waves in Federal Way to pick up Preston and a few friends and took them all out to dinner and to a movie. Thor was the choice at the local $3.00 theatre. Lillie and I snuck into Rio instead...then joined the rest of the crowd for the last half an hour of Thor. Maren wasn't left out either...she had a nice day having lunch and dinner with her friends from work past and present.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

But I never had lunch.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The kids are in full on summer vacation mode...even with the cool weather. Seems like I wake up at 2:00 am every morning to go tell the boys to go to sleep. I don't mind too much as it is summer and Preston and Hansen seem to get along just fine when everyone else are sleeping. Yesterday I went golfing at 6:30 am, and I got home before any of the kids were even awake! What is funny is how they always wonder how in the world they missed out on breakfast or lunch depending on what they get when they woke up. At 5:30 pm they will be like, "what do you mean it is dinner time? I never had lunch!" It's because you had breakfast at noon you goof!

We have actually done other stuff besides just sleeping in:

We went to the 5th Avenue Theatre to see Aladdin. It was great. We are Aladdin fans in this house.

While in Seattle we saw and talked to this guy (bad picture) who is a street musician who was also on America's Got Talent. He was fun to talk to, he actually stopped playing to jokingly tell us how he really should have won it all!

And we have been to the Library. Lillie finished her summer reading sheet and I took her to pick up her prizes. Yes folks, prizes do work for this girl. Preston is in the background placing holds on the books he is assigned to read over the summer for school. Hansen is at the library too, wondering why I made him turn off the X-box and come with us.

Lillie and I visited Maren at work and brought on of her co-workers some bike wheels I had hanging in the garage. We took Maren on a Starbucks walk...Lillie chose a Slurpee from Target and then was too cold to be happy. Silly girl.

And making paint. Random, but fun. The next few weeks brings more soccer, visiting with family and friends, and hopefully more fun in the sun.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Orange fenders.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we had Summer! Up until yesterday, we had only like 78 minutes of over 80 degrees for this year. We may have added a few more minutes to that total as yesterday was beautiful. We went to Church early, had ice-cream with John and Carol afterwards, headed to the pool for a bit, then spent the evening at home. Here are a few pics:

After dinner, but before a movie (we watched 127 but horrific movie) I took Lillie out for a bike ride. We did some exploring at Jenkins Creek. Here Lillie is heading down to the water to look around. Our bikes in the the cute little bike with the orange fenders is not mine!

When getting ice-cream Preston was planning his day to hang out with his girlfriend. She came over for dinner and a movie. Preston had to take some playful teasing from his mom and his Nana. Guess it's all worth it?

We had KFC for dinner. A perfect meal for a hot day. For some reason Hansen and Lillie prefer to have their picture taken with food in their mouth. Yes, Alex puts up with a lot when she braves our do all visitors.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A parking ticket...really?

Good evening, it is Saturday.

The other day I went outside to find a parking ticket on my truck's windshield. I have carefully parked the truck this way as to have room for school buses and garbage trucks for quite some time now. It seems that if you put your tires just a bit on the sidewalk, you get a ticket.

I was not too pleased with this, so I will protest it just out of principle. I think a warning should have been in order anyhow. And today when we were out on a garage sale walk in our neighborhood, look how the police park:

Hmm. Too bad I didn't still have the ticket...I could have placed it on this car's windshield.

Anyhow, the weather has been great here. We have been to the pool the last couple of days and now I need to get off the computer and start the BBQ. Yum!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Right now we are watching Charlie's Angles. And we means myself as well as Preston, Hansen, Kole, Lillie, and Ali. Yes, Hansen and Lillie have friends over for an overnight. Both on the same night, I'm hoping this makes things easier. Yes, Maren does have to work tomorrow and yes, she is in bed for the night.

Today the littles got to hang with Jack and Avery via Nana and Grandpa. Yes, John and Carol picked them up mid morning, brought them out to visit their cousins, let them play until after dinner, then brought them home. Thanks! I got in some golf, a trip to the dump, and I even washed the outside of the windows...all except one. We have a bird who built a nest in one of our hanging baskets in front of our house and Maren is quite protective of her new bird friend. With all I did today, Maren still thinks I'm leading a total life of luxury this summer. She may be right!

The kids found some cat puke this morning. And instead of cleaning it up, they covered it up with a note just for me!

Aren't they the sweetest?

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oregon soccer.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Last night Preston and I got home from Oregon and his team's soccer tournament. His team didn't do too well this tournament, but Preston did make a few really great goals. And the boys had a great time. It went something like this: drive forever, soccer, slurpees, burgers, x-box soccer tournament, drive, sing horribly and laugh like crazy kids in the van, soccer, spill coke in the van, burgers, slurpees, run to buddie's hotel rooms making ruckus, drive, soccer, TV, friends, burgers and drive forever. So basically, the team had tons of fun.
Back at the hotel with slurpees.

Preston about to take a shot at goal.

Watching another soccer game after playing their first game.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Do vampires like Costco pizza?

Good evening, it is Monday.

I spent the whole day changing the timing belt and accessory belts on my pick-up truck. I watched a YouTube video that someone in computer land had posted of him changing the timing belt on a similar truck. I just took my time and it all worked out. YouTube is way better than a manual. I did snap a screw off on a spinney thing that may or may not be a big deal...I figure that there are still a few left so it is all good. I have my fingers crossed. This job required that I drain and remove the radiator, so it has been flushed as well. Last time the truck was in the shop the fellow said the timing belt replacement was like $500.00 these days, so yay! I saved like $450 by spending a day working on the truck. Also, our SpongeBob painting is looking great, and that saved even more $$$. So what do we spend our money on you ask? Besides soccer? Costco:

Having a Costco a mile away is great! Tonight we called in, had them make a pizza, then showed up and had a hot pizza just waiting for us. Lillie had pizza grease running down her this picture is of her and I being vampires. As you can see, just as Maren snapped the picture Lillie decided she should be the only vampire and was sending an elbow right into my ribs. This vampire can take it.

This is my truck motor with all the parts taken off, getting ready to mark the timing belt for replacement.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A soccer car?

Good evening, it is Sunday.

The weather has been great the last few days and Preston has had a soccer tournament the whole weekend. Four games and not the best result, but they drew a very tough bracket. The two teams that barely beat them in bracket play ended up playing each other in the final. In the last game, Preston made a goal from over half the field away. It was a free kick from like 60 yards away. The other goalie was kind of foward in the box as kids just don't kick it that far, yet we all knew Preston would go for it. He hit it over the goalie's head and in the upper corner of the goal...afterward he was running on the sidelines giving all the kids and parents high fives. Fun times.I watched all the games, Lillie and Hansen even made it to a couple. Otherwise, it was hanging at the pool and at home for a busy/relaxing weekend.

Here are a few pictures of new glasses for Hansen and I:

My cool new specs...Randy Jackson's line. Cool glasses dawg! Mine don't change to gray like Hansen's. I have tried those lenses and since I wear a hat most the time in the sun, they don't get the UV to change. So instead, I'm having Rx sunglasses made. I tried to golf in glasses the other day, does not work for me...I also have a few boxes of daily wear contact lenses. The daily wear ones you just open up when you want them, and throw them away at the end of the day. I really don't like contact lenses, so just when I golf do they get the nod.

Hansen's first pair of glasses. His next pair will be available next week. Hansen can see again!

And the same exact pair of glasses in the sun...yup, sunglasses! Hansen really likes these specs.

Today we took a trip to DQ. I didn't get a pic of the actual Blizzards, but Hansen and Lillie both enjoyed a Triple Chocoholic Blizzard.

After a trip to a shoe store, a game store, and a make-up store...we ended up with a few pairs of shoes and little stickers for a manicure. I painted Lillie's nails and then put these cool stickers on them for her. I have this job down!

And a cool soccer VW bug. Yes, that is my super cool blue mini-van in the background...don't be too envious!

See you tomorrow...or the day after.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Driving range video.

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last few days have been hanging out and doing not much. A nice way to spend the summer. I did take the kids to the driving range yesterday and shot this video with my phone. It is blurry, but you can see the kids in action. I don't usually post video, so enjoy:

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Hope you had a great 4th of July. We did! I have a bunch of pictures to tell the story:

Our motley crew having fun at the Burien Parade. We had (from back left to front right) Derek, Abi, Stef, John, Maren, Carol, Connor, Preston, Hansen, Lillie, and I'm at the camera.

Maren and Lillie love the Burien Parade...there are always Princesses!

Derek getting a little extra attention from this clown guy.

Cool robots too. Carol was talking to them about it, and they used the robot to drop a floaty on her! Cool.

Bmx riders doing tricks.

Connor and Preston fighting with party blowers. The parade was fun, lots of cars, politicians, drill teams and bands. And great weather!

Here is our crew walking back to John and Carol's house after the parade. Lillie was dragging, she even took a quick lap through a sprinkler...after Nana.

Driving back to our house for BBQ burgers and fireworks. On nice days, this is a beautiful place to live.

Back at home, getting things started with smoke bombs. We had a huge arsenal of fireworks this year. We bought a pretty big box of fireworks and then Derek, Stef and Abi brought over some even bigger ones. It was quite a party. Lillie was just shrieking and yelling in awe. The neighboring streets had some very fancy fireworks as usual.

To finish things off Abi, Connor, Hansen, and Preston shot off some Roman Candles. One of my favorite tweets from the last week was from Stephen Colbert: "How could Texas ban fireworks? There is nothing more American than a Roman Candle."

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hair, eyes, and teeth!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last week was a great first week of summer. The kids and I were working/participating at our church's VBS. The weather has been just fine and we have been doing our fair share of hanging at the pool.

Last week was also a week where Hansen got his hair cut, teeth cleaned, and eye's checked!

A cool new hair cut and zero cavities!

Usually we go to the eye doctor just before school starts, but lately Hansen has grown so much and along with all the growing, his eyes have been changing. Even with his glasses he has had been having a hard time seeing. So he has new glasses on order with a Rx that is going to help him see much better. And in true Hansen style, we looked at a few different eyeglass shops, and ended up going and getting the same exact frame that he has right now! But he will have lenses that change from light to dark as he goes in and out of the sun!

See you tomorrow.