Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wy Tu Jo Hanson!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Hansen was awarded with the Coaches' Award for this year's track season. Hansen had a great track season and a very good 5th grade year. Way to go Hansen!

The trophy is great...but you couldn't spell his name more wrong. Hansen and I had a fun text conservatun ubout nt beng abel ty misspel thisgs ane wurse!

Yesterday Preston had his first soccer game with his new team. The team is the same team, but with 1/3 new kids as they tryout season brought some changes. Preston has been excited, and it showed. Preston scored 3 goals in an 8-0 win. Today is game two...

I have not put any videos on my blog for some time, but here is a very cute video of Lillie playing in the front yard yesterday:

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Hi Julian, I see they mangled Hansen's last name too! and too many cartwheels in a row will make the world spin around. have a good weekend, love, susanna

Ellen said...

Congrats to Hansel! Very cute video.

Molly said...

Happy Father's Day to you Julian - your children are very lucky.

Bernice said...

Congratulations Hansen - such a talented family. And it looks like a future gymnast.

Happy Fathers Day Julian.

Amber said...

I used to spell kid's names all day long at the end of each sports season when I worked at the trophy shop, and I doubt I ever spelled a name wrong. If you weren't so amused by it, you could probably take it in to West Coast Awards and have it redone!