Friday, June 24, 2011

Time to paint.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday I took Maren to the airport for her trip to New Orleans and the ALA conference. She will get to do tons of ALA stuff, and say hi to my Aunt Susanna! The rest of us chickens are just hanging out at home. We're doing ok though. Yesterday Preston got to go to the Sounder game with his girlfriend and her family. Sounds like he had a great time. The littles got to hang with their littler cousins and their grandparents for a nice two days. They even got to spend the night at Stef's place as they were cat checking for the honeymooners. I picked them up at a different cousin's house after lunch and my eye appointment (my eyes are just the same...just time for new glasses). They were having a great time.

And for what we have been doing since Maren has been gone that she may groan about: I have started painting the hood and top of the pick-up truck. Yesterday was sanding and a first coat. Today will be light sanding and a second coat. I have to adjust the color mix a little as it turned out too light. With luck, by the third coat the colors will kind of match:) Yes, that is why Maren would groan. But things she would be happy about: The littles and I turned over the garden and got out our hanging baskets. Then went shopping for lots of flowers, some tomatoes, strawberries, and even a pumpkin plant. Can't forget the slug bait. We will have this place looking spiffy in no time.

Lillie and Camden climbing a tree in Camden's back yard.

I went golfing with my friend Larry on Wednesday. We got paired up with a couple of Husky loving characters. Check out these shoes! We had a (mostly) fun time golfing with these guys, Larry got hit by a 100 yard bladed shot that the shoe guy pulled way off line. Ouch. I'm sure that left a mark.

Off to do some sanding, see you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Hi Julian, I figured if you got out of school, then it was time for you to start working on something! Take some breaks too. I'm looking forward to seeing Maren tomorrow. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how the truck comes out - cool! Cat checking?

Claire said...

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