Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer time.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a great last day of school. The weather was perfect, school got out early, field days and pies were fun, and the pool was great too. Maren picked up pizza on the way to meeting us at the pool for a nice relaxing dinner. Preston bailed on the pool to go to Wild Waves with friends...even better!

I took two pies for the team yesterday. This was the first one. My nose is still a little sore, but the pie smell is gone. All the suckers (er, teachers or paras) in the background with the orange ponchos got pies.

Here is the picture of Preston receiving his certificate. All the other 8th graders with exceptional grades are to the right. Ended up being a decent amount which is super! Yesterday Hansen and Lillie also brought home report cards. Both excellent...I really mean extremely excellent. Talk about a bunch of 4s! Hansen's individual reading level test which is a Standard Degrees of Reading Power test extremely high. His national %ile is 99+, doesn't get any better than that!

For the first day of summer vacation, Hansen and Lillie are going with John and Carol to visit the twins and have an adventure in Bellevue. Preston will be going to the lake with friends before soccer for a mini reunion of his 6th grade class. And I am going golfing! What about Maren you ask...poor sap, she is not on summer break! She has to work. But don't feel too bad just yet, tomorrow she heads down to New Orleans for a library conference.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Tell Maren she won't need warm clothing for her trip. One of those pie-ponchos might come in handy. have a good summer vacation! love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Your nose is still sore? Yikes, that sounds like some violent pie throwing! The orange poncho brigade are sure good sports! I hope Maren has a nice trip.