Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Salmon Release Day.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was release the salmon day at school. We have had a program for many years where the school gets salmon eggs, grows them, then releases them into the local stream. Yesterday was release day. The stream is about a mile from school, so it is a walking field trip. The first field trip I was on was the 1st-2nd trip. In the afternoon was the Kinders.

This is Tyler, on of our teacher's son. He was the ones who picked up the eggs in the beginning, and he was the one who got to release the salmon for the Kinders.

For the older group, Mrs. Fontaine got the salmon release honors. The two field trips were surprisingly different. Kinder's had bags of fish they got to take turns carrying, then each class got to stand in the middle of the bridge to watch the separate releases. The olders carried the fish in a bucket and all crowded around and watched a single release. Also, walking Kinders a mile and back is a very different chore than walking 2nd graders. The Kinder field trip took nearly twice as long as the olders. These kids change fast! And both field trips were great.

I was the caboose during the 1st-2nd grade walk. You can see the long string of kids up ahead of me. It is funny how these long strings of walkers go. The leaders feel like they're going slow while us in the back of the line have to run to keep up at times.

Fun day. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a fun and educational field trip!

Molly said...

Very interesting, neat pix. I've heard about it but never seen it done. Nice write up.

Bernice said...

What a fascinating day for all of you. You really covered it all. I'd never heard about it - thanks for telling us................