Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The paint goes on.

Good afternoon, it's Tuesday.

Tonight is is the night that Maren gets home from New Orleans. I think we are all ready for her to get home. Lillie has discovered that she can even call her on the phone. While doing the dishes yesterday I heard Lillie from around the corner talking to Maren's answering machine. I asked why she was calling her mom, and she said,"Duh, Mom's a Librarian and I need to know what 'sold' means!...you don't know this stuff!" Ouch. I did tell her that I do know this stuff and explained what "sold" means. She was wondering about the house on our street that sold, she was thinking that the folks moving in were named the name of the real estate agent. Then when Maren called back, I put her on the phone and she said to her mom, "I already found out...bye!" Click.

More on the pick-up.

This morning we were discussing repainting the hood when somehow we decided that Preston should us a silver and paint a Sponge Bob on the hood. I loved the idea, and when we got home from VBS, I prepped the truck and got out the paint for Preston. Here he is getting started.

And the final painting. I think it is great. You can't really see Sponge Bob unless you looking right at it. Fun huh?

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I like everything about this post. That is all.

Molly said...

Me too.

sussah said...

Me three. It must be fun to draw on a car! love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Very unique!

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