Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last day of school...today!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Today is the last day of school! And a half day at that...for the kids. The weather is getting nice, so to celebrate it will be dinner at the pool!

Yesterday we got to attend the year end awards ceremony for Preston's middle school days. He is a high school kid as of a few hours from now. He was awarded a certificate for outstanding achievement for good grades. It was fun to see who and how many kids got awards and such. Lots of his long time friends up there with him. I did get some pictures, but I used my real camera, and I can't find it at the moment to download pictures, so you will have to wait till tomorrow.

My day should be a fun one. I will work the field day, then get a pie in my face. Yup, I am one of 13 teachers that get a pie thanks to the students of CV reaching a high level of reading minutes. I am sure everyting will smell like whipped cream for the next few days!
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Preston for his certificate for outstanding grades! I'm sure he'll do great in high school. Have a nice last day of school. Maybe someone will get a picture of you getting a pie in the face for the blog...

Molly said...

Pie in the face.....sounds like fun..... And last day of school, yes!

Summer Solstice is today at 1716 UTC (1:16 EDT). Enjoy your dinner at the pool.

Congrats to Preston. Officially a high school student now. Golly.

Bernice said...

To Preston - so proud of you....congratulations for your impressive achievement, and now going to high school...time marches on.
Julian - hope you enjoy the pie in the face, and your dinner by the pool. Today is the longest day of the year - it would have been our 25th anniversary.

Amber said...

I remember this day 25 years ago...

I also remember starting high school! Wow, time does indeed march on.