Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good evening, it is Sunday night.

We will be waking up early for VBS tomorrow and I am sure I won't feel like blogging. Today was a fun day. Church with John and Carol, then lunch and the truck reveal. The pick-up truck turned out OK for now. I may get a different hue of color, sand and paint another coat or two later in the summer...but it is done for now. Pictures below.

But first, tonight was a fire pit night after we got back from the pool. Yes, summer is here for a day or two.

Preston came out with all the work that he could find from this year. I made him keep out the awards and his writing. He decided to keep out some of his science. The rest went up in smoke! This is Preston and Connor, now high schoolers, putting 8th grade behind them.

Not to be outdone, we had our own fire pit in our back yard. The littles invited Kole over just so he could witness how much they fight with each other over everything. Nice.

Here is a before picture of the hood and roof of the pick-up. The sides are doing fine, and I just can't see spending more on a real paint job for this truck than it is worth. So after some tutorials from YouTube, I did it myself:

And after. From certain angles in overcast light, the color seems to be a perfect match! The paint went on smooth and the job itself is well done. The problem is there is no way to match the paint. Even professionals couldn't get it right as there has been fading and such. Besides, a metallic looking paint will always look different than a $5.00 can of Rustoleum. Even the paint on the side of the can seems to match better than the real thing.

And in the sun from the side...totally different color. Groan. My neighbor Shawn thinks the new paint looks better than the old and I should just continue on and do the whole truck. Yeah, right.
Well, it is what it is. At least it wont rust or anything from here on out.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The truck looks way better with the paint. Good job!

Robert said...

Maybe a couple of racing stripes will make it look like you meant to have it a different color... or not.