Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't lick the pen!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last Friday of the school year! We get out of school on Tuesday. Yesterday I went to Lillie's class and we had our year end art docent wrap-up. I gave the kids each a big folder and we had sharpies of every color to decorate, as well as tons of stickers. While the students were decorating, I was passing out all the art they made over the year as well as a cupcake treat. We all had a fine time. I am hoping that another parent will want to take over art docent for this class next year as I may be ready for a break after two years. Lillie wants me to keep going and not even consider giving another parent a chance.

Here is a pic of Lillie decorating her folder. I have another cute pic of all the kids in this picture making funny faces and waving wildly at the camera.

We also attended game night in Hansen's class last night. Each student made a board game or some type of game and last night was the night to check it all out. Hansen is checking out a friend's game. Dressing in fancy wigs and such was optional.

Yesterday evening the neighbor girls were given this box. I love how they each took a side and did their own artwork. Very clever.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like it's almost the end of another good school year. The wig-wearing sounds fun to me!

Amber said...

Stop licking the pens, Lillie!!! Hahaha, well I think being art docent sounds fun, but I'm sure it takes a lot of energy and patience. Maybe after a summer break you'll be ready to do it again ;) Or, maybe not!