Monday, June 13, 2011

Confirmation and a parade.

Good morning, it is Monday.

What a great and busy weekend! This weekend the 8th graders were confirmed in their baptism. There was a dinner Saturday night then the ceremony and pictures on Sunday morning. The ceremony was very nice with the pastor reading favorite bible verses and blessing each of the confirmed. Parents were also up front with their child. Ended up being one of the longest church services ever, but being in the mix made it seem just fine. This weekend was also high school graduation for the Kent schools so some of these kids had siblings that graduated, which made for a very emotional weekend for many and you could just feel it in the air. We are very proud of Preston, he did great.

Here is the Confirmation group after all the everything, getting on last picture before eating cake.

This is the group before church, pictures and robes. A very nice bunch of 8th graders.

Saturday morning, Preston got to be in the jr. high marching band for the Maple Valley parade. His school did great! And the parade was very nice. But Maren and Lillie pointed out that there were not enough princess!

Preston playing in the band.

Lillie, Ali (neighbor) and Maren getting ready for the parade to start. We brought Ali, while her dad had Hansen. Hansen helped pass out some fliers for our neighbor's business before the parade, I hear they had fun, but didn't get to see the parade. It's all good.

And here is Maren in front of the Library technology van. I tried to get her to run out and join the parade for a few blocks with the other Library folks, but nope...she was sticking with us. Maren would actually run out and join the parade, I don't think so!

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

The picture of Maren with the technology van in the background is priceless - you captured the right expression that went with the story......

And the photos of the Confirmation group (before and after) was neat. What a special time. Well done, Preston (and to his parents).

Ellen said...

A nice group of 8th graders for sure. What a lot going on - even a parade!