Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Maren is having a fine time in New Orleans. She got to visit my Aunt Susanna and it sounds like they had a very nice visit. Maren sent me a couple of pictures of what it was like to get Rick Riordan's signature in a book for Hansen. Like a 100 person long line and no personalizing of the signature. Still cool.

But Maren is not the only one having fun. She may be having more fun than us chickens who are currently groaning about having to wake up and then having to wake up for the whole next week for VBS...I even signed up Preston to be a helper.

We painted Lillie's hair blue yesterday with temporary highlights. It is already mostly gone, but it looked cool. She wishes we would let her put blue highlights in her hair for real!

Hansen got out my RC truck, charged the batteries and drove it around for a bit. Hansen loves RC things, and riding his ripstick. In the last couple of days we have run into a few friends of mine that all say Hansen looks just like me! Hansen is quite offended by that, especially since I buzzed off my hair, but maybe so.

Last night we had dinner with one of Preston's soccer friend's families. They had a nice trampoline that the littles enjoyed hanging out on. We watched Mexico come back from a 0-2 deficit to beat the USA National Soccer Team 4-2. Mexico just totally out played the US for the last 60 minutes of the game. Today it will be church, pool, nothing. I think Preston has plans for Wild Waves.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Dear Julian, I saw a librarian with completely fuschia hair. Not a wig, not streaks, but the most unnatural and strange permanent color... some blue streaks would be more flattering. But the big trend this year is plaid. Long plaid shorts on the men are very cute, but I think we're getting an overdose with these numbering in the thousands. We need a picture of you with your new look! Maren is beautiful and ever-young. Love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Now, wait a minute. If people think Hansen looks like you, and people think you look like me, and Hansen doesn't like it that people think he looks like you, then should I be insulted? Hmm... Cool blue highlights!

Julian's Blog said...

Plaid huh? I'm still just sporting the khaki shorts. Guess a trip to the store is in order! My buzz doesn't look much different, afterall, there is not much to buzz. Lillie would love a more permanant solution, but she didn't bring it up today so neither did I. And mom, no worries, Hansen would never embarass a grandparent...just me!