Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Dollar Ever Spent!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday turned out to be a nice weather day about the time school got out for the day. Preston went straight home with his friend Daniel, and we didn't see him again until the evening. Hansen played ping pong and goofed off with friends. Lillie and Ali had many adventures.

Lillie and Ali's first adventure was to make the worlds longest hop-scotch game ever. From the edge of our driveway it goes all the way to the mail boxes in the distance, and nearly as far behind me. The girls worked in opposite directions up to 200 or something. The squares are all too small for my feet, but it does look pretty cool.

Then, the ice-cream man came by our neighborhood with his music blaring. You would never see Lillie and Ali go separate ways so fast as they darted into their respective homes to find their money. Lillie spent her very last dollar on this Bubble Gum Popsicle. She said it was the best dollar she has ever spent in her whole life! She was flying out the door, and by the time I even thought to take a picture, all that was left was this empty wrapper on the counter (she got it almost to the garbage...but not quite). The girls even got a walk to the school park in the early evening. phew.

I don't think too much is happening tonight, but tomorrow we have a full calendar.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The best dollar she ever spent! Wow!

Molly said...

Bubble Gum Ice Cream!!! Now where was that when I was a kid and the ice cream man came around to our neighborhood? Good choice, Lillie.

And wow, what a long hop-scotch, impressive. Do they let you play, Julian, but you are permitted to touch the lines with your larger-than-theirs feet?

Hey, do kids today play jacks? We also called it onesies.