Monday, June 06, 2011

And Evening Blog!

Good evening, it is Monday.

Didn't blog this morning, so I'm trying an evening blog. We will see if the words flow off my ready for bed fingers as they do from my just woke up fingers. Well, we had a great weekend. I am kind of going in reverse order as that is how my memory is working right now.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening cleaning out the garage and setting up the ping pong table. By like 8:00 pm the games started, but the mess was still outside. The boys got in a few games and my friend Jeff even swung by on his evening walk for a quick game. I was cleaning up in the dark, but it was well worth the work. As I type there are five boys out in the garage playing ping pong.

What you can't see from this picture is Lillie and Ali with Lillie's boom box choreographing their made up dance routines in the front yard. Fun times.

The early afternoon was spent at Lake Tapps with cousins and grandparents at Derek's lake place. His little place is the perfect bachelor pad and we had a very fun time. I will be curious to see where Stef and Derek end up living. Whenever we drive by a house for sale in our area, Lillie and Hansen think they should move there!

Saturday was the nicest day we have seen in a very long time. We spent much of the day and evening at the pool. Lillie came out perfectly brave and spent much of her time doing tricks off the diving board. Our neighbors the Moores were there too as they just joined the pool. The kids had fun having neighbor friends to hang with.

And this picture was taken Friday. Friday evening we had Multicultural night at our school. The turnout was great and the different ethnic foods and information straight from the families of our students is amazing. I enjoyed seeing the performances, eating different foods, and just being there. I should post pictures of the great Multicultural Fair, but this sign cracks me up. The other side had valuable information, but in an effort to stretch resources or something, we have an "icy" sign out on the walk way on the nicest day of the year! To be fair, the walkways in the mornings are icy for like half of the school year.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the garage clean-up and ping pong fun! And on the nice pool weather, despite the 'ice.'

sussah said...

The title of your blog can change to "Julian's Early Morning and Late Night Blog". Whatever time you write it, I enjoy reading it. thanks, susanna

Molly said...

So, do you find you prefer blogging in the morning or at night?

I notice you are at a higher latitude than we are (47.3 deg N vice 43.4 deg N) so you are enjoying even longer hours of daylight than we are; it is just getting dark here (9:20 pm EDT).

I bet all the kids (and adults) like the Ping Pong table.

I messed up my previous attempt to post.....sorry 'bout that.

Amber said...

Nice moves, Lillie!

I thought for sure somebody was selling icy's. There are frosties, slushies, and shaved ice stations on every corner here in Austin.