Monday, May 23, 2011

A Rockstar wedding.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we attended a true Rockstar wedding! I took some pictures with my phone camera as usual, but didn't try too hard because there was a professional photographer as well as plenty of other cameras snapping away...and it was just fun to enjoy the day. Lets get this party started:
Don't the Slane kids look great? It is possible that you may just get this picture in your Christmas Card this year.

Claire, Avery, and Lillie dressed in matching dresses for the big occasion. They did a great job along with Jack throwing flower petals on the bride's walkway.

Hansen and Alex looking great in their matching threads. The did a fabulous job as ushers!

Things weren't all serious all the fact I think things were mostly just fun and games. I actually had to fix Claire's hair after this picture, but no one ever would have noticed.

As Husband and Wife, Derek and Stefanie are walking back though the aisle to the loud sounds of Nirvana. Yup, I'm not joking, this was truly a rockstar was great! In the background you can see cousin Kraig who did a splendid job officiating the wedding. Abby and Ben (Derek's very nice teen children, and now cousins to our very nice kiddos) are also up front. And somehow Claire and Lillie talked Stef and Derek into letting them stay standing too!
At the reception, Stef and Derek's first dance. I video taped it just in case something crazy happened. Nothing did this time. Stef and Derek did an amazing job of keeping this wedding traditional, yet making it their own. The reception was held in the upstairs of a rock-n-roll pub. It was very fun.

How many wedding cakes get to hang out in front of Captain Jack? Yum!

And there was tons of dancing. Lillie never stopped dancing. Usually I was her victim, partner, but here she got Preston out on the dance floor. Maren was quite a dancer too!

Since this is my blog, Maren and I get the last picture. Kraig took this picture of us dancing. It was a very fun night, Congratulations and thanks to Derek and Stefanie Sanders.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

You have a very good looking family! Such handsome boys and that Lillie is a sweetie. Thanks for the write up and the nice photos of the wedding.

Molly said...

The "formal" sneakers with the formal wear was just perfect.

Anonymous said...

What a nice wedding! Yes, the Slane kids look great! We hope Stef and Derek will be very happy!

Bernice said...

Congratulations to the newlyweds. It looks like everyone had a great time, and yes the Slane kids are certainly great looking. It was a very busy weekend. Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us.