Friday, May 27, 2011

Preston meets Holocaust survivor Mr. Weissman.

Good evening, it is Friday night.

I am going bike riding tomorrow morning, so I am doing my blog this evening.

This semester in English class Preston has been studying the Holocaust. He read a few books and did other research as well. Today two classes from Preston's school (along with others from other schools) got to go to a local high school to see/meet/listen to a Holocaust survivor as well as his liberator. I don't know the name of the liberator, but the Holocaust survivor Preston met is named Mr. Robert Weissman. I only got bits and pieces from Preston, but Mr. Weissman was in a camp at the age of twelve. He lost his dad and his brother in the camp.

Preston's teacher made sure that the students dressed nicely to show respect to Mr. Weissman. Check Preston out in his dress clothes. Looking sharp.

Preston didn't get a picture of himself with Mr. Weissman, but friends of ours were there as well and they got a nice picture:

From left to right, Lauren, Mr. Weissman, and Lauren's dad Jeff. Lauren and Jeff let me use their picture on my blog. Thanks! *Added Saturday morning from Jeff for my blog: Mr Robbie Weisman, survivor. Leo Hymas, a machine gunner, was one of the first US Military to breach the fence around Buchenwald, the liberator who was there. In his speech, Mr. Weisman states 'his' liberator was Leon Bass.

Preston said he did get to meet Mr. Weissman and even got a little extra attention when his class was waiting for the bus. Mr. Weissman was walking by and actually picked Preston out to come up to, shake his hand, and thank him for coming out and listening and learning. Preston said he thanked Mr. Weissman for coming and talking as well. I do wish I could have been there.

See you tomorrow...or the day after.


Molly said...

Preston's English teacher is very smart to bring students to hear Mr. Weissman and his liberator so that None Of Us Will Ever Forget. Very impressive. Yes, I would have wanted to hear him too.

Mr. Weissman might have wanted to know that Preston's great-great-grandfather was born in Shepetivka (Shepetovka), Ukraine.

Preston is one handsome dude! He looks terrific in that nice suit.

Have a good holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

That's great that Preston's class got to meet and hear a Holocaust survivor. I'm sure Grandpa would have been pleased that Preston's school is doing that, and proud of Preston for looking so handsome and showing so much respect for Mr. Weissman. I know I am.

Amber said...

We got to meet a holocaust survivor and hear his story when I was in high school. I remember thinking that it's amazing he came to our school, and that he must go to a lot of schools - but I was sad for the day when none would be left to share the story except in books and films. I'm glad that's still happening today.

Bernice said...

What a wonderful experience for the students and for Mr. Weissman to share his story. Grandpa Sandler would definitely have been happy for Preston to have this oppotunity and also to look so handsome. I am very impressed by the English teacher bringing Mr. Weissman and having the students dress up as respect for him. If Preston is interested, I have many writings by Grandpa on the subject and could find some age appropriate articles and/or books. It was a subject he was very passionate about.

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks gang! I just added a little more info that I got from Jeff about Mr. Weissman's liberator...I put it under the picture of Lauren, Mr. Weissman, and Jeff.
Bernice, Yes Preston (and all of us) would like more on the topic, especially from Grandpa. And don't worry too much about age appropriate as Preston will be a high schooler in just a couple of months:) Yikes.