Friday, May 20, 2011

A car wash helper.

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last few days around here have been absolutely beautiful days. Almost 70 degrees and sunny all day. Today will be no exception except for it may even hit 70! Maren and I both have the day off as we are preparing for a very busy weekend, but mainly because we wanted to...and we are going to Lillie and Hansen's school BBQ for lunch! I am using an EDL day. I got an e-mail to the staff that says that over 300 folks district wide are using EDL days so only do so if totally necessary as there are just no enough subs district wide. Luckily for me, my position never gets a sub, so while the school may run a little smoother with me there (yeah right), I am not part of this sub crises.

Last night we grilled on the new deck. It already needs to be washed as it is covered in pollen, but that will be easy. Lillie snuck into this picture:

The next picture is all in helping me was the cars. She begged, "can I just spray the water??? PLEASE???". My reply was, "No!"...then, "NO". Then finally, "Yes, just don't spray me!" As you can tell, I was on my own as far as not being sprayed was concerned. The garage and all the stuff inside couldn't move fast enough to stay dry, neither could Lillie herself. She did the ole, spray in your mouth just a little as to get a drink, then full power by accident and get totally soaked...nice!

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

hmmm...EDL? Since only NASA uses it for Entry Descent Landing, suspect you must mean Every Day Life?.....tis a puzzlement (song from "The King and I").

Nice deck and grill! Yum.

Julian's Blog said...

Employee Discretionary Leave. I get like 2 days per year. Every Day Life works for me:)

I just got "The King and I" from Netflix and can't wait to watch it!

Molly said...

Enjoy the movie. Almost ANY Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is superb. Hard to rank them but Oklahoma , South Pacific and Carousel are right up there with The Sound of Music. Flower Drum Song, State Fair and Cinderella are not near the top on my list)

[For that matter, same comments hold with Lerner and Loewe musicals, with Camelot, My Fair Lady and Brigadoon near the top with Paint Your Wagon and Gigi rounding out the list.]

Ellen said...

Enjoy the nice weather, the deck, and The King and I!

Bernice said...

You'll love The King & I - it's
a classic. I was wondering about EDL also - glad you gave us an explanation. Hamburgers look good, and so does the deck. Enjoy your weekend and your clean car, thanks to