Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day. Hope you got to reflect and be thankful for those who have served our country. The kids asked questions and we did our best to answer them. Bernice sent me a story about the Iwo Jima memorial called, Six Boys And Thirteen Hands which was very good.

We also had tons of fun this weekend. Maren shopped the 50 % off sale at Value Village...but she got to shop at the sneak peak on Sunday evening! She found some very nice clothes for all of us.

We had a fun BBQ at John and Carol's yesterday. The great treat was that the Oman's showed up so the kids got to play with their cousins! Also there were John, Carol, Stef and Derek. We had great food and nice visiting. We also got to see all of Stef and Derek's wedding pictures. Stef and Derek are still all happy, snugly, and newly wed...OH BARF! Just joking:) And the pictures are great too!

I also got to golfing and bike riding over the weekend. I played very well with some nice fellas at Lake Wilderness Golf Course. And I had a nice bike ride with my friend Jim into Renton. It was about 20 miles with a stop in the middle for ice-cream. I like those bike rides. We stopped off at the pool so Lillie could swim, Maren relaxed, and Hansen and I played some tennis. Lillie had a couple of play dates while Preston got to have a couple of overnights, hang out with friends, and even got to hang out at the U of W! Hansen got to spend his allowance and hang with friends. Good weekend for all of us.

The only picture I took was this sorry picture of Jim's car. Somehow before our bike ride I was coasting around the car when my shoes got clipped into my pedals unexpectedly and I very slowly crashed into his mirror. Somehow it broke! Jim probably has already fixed it, but I have found replacements on e-bay just in case I need to replace it!
See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Preston meets Holocaust survivor Mr. Weissman.

Good evening, it is Friday night.

I am going bike riding tomorrow morning, so I am doing my blog this evening.

This semester in English class Preston has been studying the Holocaust. He read a few books and did other research as well. Today two classes from Preston's school (along with others from other schools) got to go to a local high school to see/meet/listen to a Holocaust survivor as well as his liberator. I don't know the name of the liberator, but the Holocaust survivor Preston met is named Mr. Robert Weissman. I only got bits and pieces from Preston, but Mr. Weissman was in a camp at the age of twelve. He lost his dad and his brother in the camp.

Preston's teacher made sure that the students dressed nicely to show respect to Mr. Weissman. Check Preston out in his dress clothes. Looking sharp.

Preston didn't get a picture of himself with Mr. Weissman, but friends of ours were there as well and they got a nice picture:

From left to right, Lauren, Mr. Weissman, and Lauren's dad Jeff. Lauren and Jeff let me use their picture on my blog. Thanks! *Added Saturday morning from Jeff for my blog: Mr Robbie Weisman, survivor. Leo Hymas, a machine gunner, was one of the first US Military to breach the fence around Buchenwald, the liberator who was there. In his speech, Mr. Weisman states 'his' liberator was Leon Bass.

Preston said he did get to meet Mr. Weissman and even got a little extra attention when his class was waiting for the bus. Mr. Weissman was walking by and actually picked Preston out to come up to, shake his hand, and thank him for coming out and listening and learning. Preston said he thanked Mr. Weissman for coming and talking as well. I do wish I could have been there.

See you tomorrow...or the day after.


Good morning, it is Friday!

Last night I made a quick trip to Home Depot. My main goal was more charcoal for our Weber grill (yes, the same old one we got as a gift from our real estate agent when we purchased our house some 16 years ago). On the way out Maren said, "They also have hanging baskets on sale, $6.88 each!" Yup, I'm used to these little add-ons to my shopping list, and Maren is used to me not buying such add-ons. But the baskets were very nice. A little shorter than our big ones and perfect for the hanging basket rail I built last summer.
Of course they will look nicer if it ever gets sunny out. Besides, I took this picture in the near darkness and thanks to cool camera options, it looks kind of bright.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Falling for Costco.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday we made dessert into a trip to Costco. It was going to be a small little trip and a fun outing as it has just been raining and yucky (but not dangerous like some tornado ravaged places) but I put a case of beer in my cart, which prompted Maren to put a case of fancy Lemonade in the cart, and it went downhill from there. Things have to be "fair" don't you know! Yes, we did get the milk, bread, bananas, and Maren's new glasses, that were on the list. Maren got cute new sparkly glasses, but contacts rule the day so maybe some day you'll see them.

After shopping (I spared you a pic of the cart) we had our ice-cream.

Here is the first picture of Lillie and Maren...after this shot I asked them try again when...

Lillie slipped right off her bench and almost onto the floor! Luckily Maren caught her. Who knew my phone could take such action shots?

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Rockstar wedding.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we attended a true Rockstar wedding! I took some pictures with my phone camera as usual, but didn't try too hard because there was a professional photographer as well as plenty of other cameras snapping away...and it was just fun to enjoy the day. Lets get this party started:
Don't the Slane kids look great? It is possible that you may just get this picture in your Christmas Card this year.

Claire, Avery, and Lillie dressed in matching dresses for the big occasion. They did a great job along with Jack throwing flower petals on the bride's walkway.

Hansen and Alex looking great in their matching threads. The did a fabulous job as ushers!

Things weren't all serious all the time...in fact I think things were mostly just fun and games. I actually had to fix Claire's hair after this picture, but no one ever would have noticed.

As Husband and Wife, Derek and Stefanie are walking back though the aisle to the loud sounds of Nirvana. Yup, I'm not joking, this was truly a rockstar wedding...it was great! In the background you can see cousin Kraig who did a splendid job officiating the wedding. Abby and Ben (Derek's very nice teen children, and now cousins to our very nice kiddos) are also up front. And somehow Claire and Lillie talked Stef and Derek into letting them stay standing too!
At the reception, Stef and Derek's first dance. I video taped it just in case something crazy happened. Nothing did this time. Stef and Derek did an amazing job of keeping this wedding traditional, yet making it their own. The reception was held in the upstairs of a rock-n-roll pub. It was very fun.

How many wedding cakes get to hang out in front of Captain Jack? Yum!

And there was tons of dancing. Lillie never stopped dancing. Usually I was her victim, er...dance partner, but here she got Preston out on the dance floor. Maren was quite a dancer too!

Since this is my blog, Maren and I get the last picture. Kraig took this picture of us dancing. It was a very fun night, Congratulations and thanks to Derek and Stefanie Sanders.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vivian Mae Carl Ostergard.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was Grandma Mike's Memorial Service. It was held in the community center in Oakville WA. There was a very good turn out and it was nice to see everyone even though we were there for a very somber reason. John, being the oldest brother, gave a very nice talk about his mom. He talked about how different living conditions were without running water and such than we live in today. He talked about being in a small house with many siblings. But mainly he talked about how all this basically worked out because his mom was such a strong person. Afterwards we all just hung out, ate, and had a good time.

Here is a picture of Grandma Mike with all of us from probably 7 years ago.

This is a snapshot of a picture board that was at the memorial service of Grandma's life. Preston's middle name comes from Grandma Mike. She was Vivian Mae Carl before she became Vivian Mae Carl Ostergard.

And just a little added excitement to the day. Somehow Preston and Lillie managed to lock my keys in the car while getting a few things from the car. After trying with a coat hanger, we called AAA. They were there within a half an hour and did the trick in a snap.

Today we have Stef and Derek's wedding. Should be a great day.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BBQ and a party.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday the weather was perfect! And we got a ton of stuff done. Do you like how I started the last sentence with "And"? Yup, I'm cool like that...haha. Let's see, Maren got her eye's checked and they passed. We then ordered her new contact lenses and a new pair of glasses. We also made it to the GL BBQ and ate lunch with Lillie. We didn't need to eat lunch with Hansen to embarrass him just the right amount. After that was shopping for Maren, Hansen, and Alex's shoes for the wedding Sunday. The evening was filled by a trip to Puyallup for Stef's bachelorette party. Maren and Lillie attended...I'm assuming it was rated "E" as there were other little girls there too. Hansen and I just hung out with Kraig, Alex, and Miles.

The wedding is on Sunday, but we have today before we get there. Today is Maren's Grandma Mike's Memorial Service/get together. It is slated as a get together more than a traditional memorial service, but with such a large and diverse family, I am sure it will be a bit of both. However it turns out, Grandma Mike will be missed.

Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Maren and Lillie at the GL BBQ.

Hansen's class was at PE while Lillie's lunch wave came through. Hansen is showing off the crazy plastic golf clubs they use for the golf unit.

With their matching T-shirts designed for Stef and Derek's wedding, Lillie and Claire are gooffing off before the bachelorette party.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A car wash helper.

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last few days around here have been absolutely beautiful days. Almost 70 degrees and sunny all day. Today will be no exception except for it may even hit 70! Maren and I both have the day off as we are preparing for a very busy weekend, but mainly because we wanted to...and we are going to Lillie and Hansen's school BBQ for lunch! I am using an EDL day. I got an e-mail to the staff that says that over 300 folks district wide are using EDL days so only do so if totally necessary as there are just no enough subs district wide. Luckily for me, my position never gets a sub, so while the school may run a little smoother with me there (yeah right), I am not part of this sub crises.

Last night we grilled on the new deck. It already needs to be washed as it is covered in pollen, but that will be easy. Lillie snuck into this picture:

The next picture is all Lillie...as in helping me was the cars. She begged, "can I just spray the water??? PLEASE???". My reply was, "No!"...then, "NO". Then finally, "Yes, just don't spray me!" As you can tell, I was on my own as far as not being sprayed was concerned. The garage and all the stuff inside couldn't move fast enough to stay dry, neither could Lillie herself. She did the ole, spray in your mouth just a little as to get a drink, then full power by accident and get totally soaked...nice!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Does Your Garden Groove?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was Lillie's 2nd-1st grade musical at GL. The kids were all vegetables in the musical, How Does Your Garden Groove? The play was very fun. Lillie had a small speaking role and did a great job.

There were some very elaborate costumes. Lillie was a string bean, and she made her outfit all by herself. It was great. She is surrounded by other beans and corn and even some carrots or something.

This is a view of the whole thing. The music teacher's son showed up a was the "shredder" with his electric guitar. Very fun.

Yesterday morning when I went to leave, this was on the front porch. Lillie has been busy making house designed to attract Fairies. Inside there is a bed and other creature comforts for any visiting Fairies.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grandma Mike

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a sad day for Maren, the Ostergards, and all of us. Maren's Grandma Ostergard, who Maren named as a youngster, "Grandma Mike" passed away. John's youngest brother is Mike and he is really not much older than Maren and when she was a little she must have morphed the names and came up with "Grandma Mike". Uncle Mike has always been "Motor Mike" because he drove a motorcycle. Go figure. Grandma Mike would have been 94 later this month. She had 11 kids and who knows how many grandkids and great grandkids...it is safe to say a lot!

Vivian was an amazing person. She raised 11 kids in a house with no running water and an out house. There is like 28 years in between the oldest and youngest of her kids. Maren said that when she was young and would visit Grandma Mike, she would still cook on a wood stove.

This picture was taken last summer. All 11 kids in one place (doesn't happen very often) and Grandma Mike in the middle in a chair.

Grandma Mike will be missed.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jr. Olympics

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was the Jr. Olympics track meet for the Kent School District. This track meet treated Hansen much nicer than the Hershey's did last week. Hansen ended up jumping a personal best 12'10" and winning the 5th grade boys long jump by 9 inches! His relay team made it to the finals and ended up 5th place! Way to go Hansen!

The Grass Lake track team also finished 1st place in the meet. Hansen got to take a victory lap along with his team who all did very well. This is just a little picture of folks taking pictures of the team with the big trophy for the school:

Afterwards John and Carol treated us to Hansen's choice for lunch. It was off to Ihop in Covington. Well, as long as Hansen could order off the adult menu. I think Hansen had Cinnamon waffles and a chocolate cake! Yeah, Ihop is yummy.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday evening was the local Hershey's track meet. It was held at one of the local high schools in the pouring rain. Hansen participated in the ball throw, the long jump, and the 100 yard dash. In years past the local competition has never been too fierce and moving to state has never been too difficult for my kids. This year was a bit different. There were a few kids that were FAST! Hansen did a great job, got totally soaked and totally wet. But I'm guessing that we are finished with Hershey's for this season.
It was a wet one! For a bit it looked like there may be more workers in yellow ponchos than actual kids competing. But once the meet started, there were plenty of kids.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Once Preston went to soccer and Lillie and I got back from dance class, it was off to Costco. Actually it was off to Great Clips, then Costco. Yup, Hansen finally got a haircut. It is still a little longer than I wanted, but shorter than he wanted, so I guess it is perfect:

Ice-cream and a Kinect Sports game made the haircut worth it...kind of.

Lillie showing off her new Dance Arts sweatshirt and enjoying her ice-cream. She was not so interested in Kinect Sports, so she ended up with a cool "fill in yourself" Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. Lillie is a munchkin who enjoys reading and writing. Hansen was a bit bent out of shape that I would actually buy her a book with no words, but then anything regarding his sister gets him a little bent out of shape. Oh, and I had ice-cream too! But I had the strawberries in mine...yum!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good and Scary

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday I had my yearly performance review at work. You may be thinking, hmm, is this the "good" or the "scary"? Well, it was the good. My performance review was just fine and didn't take long either. We still don't know about next year, but there is some hope that my job will still exist.

Maren got home a few minutes early yesterday, which put her home just a minute before I got home...usually it is the other way around. I usually fumble around for a minute picking up the paper or something, then let myself in...who ever expects to open the door to a "ROAR!"? Yup, Maren scared the crud out of me. That is the scary. Thanks Mar:)

Yesterday was a day without commitments for any of the kids. They played with friends and just hung out. I was able to get the lawn mowed and some weeding done. Today is not the case. Today Maren works till 9:00 pm. Preston has soccer. Lillie has dance class. And Hansen is off the hook, but will have to deal with someone else's activities.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Thanks a Latte'

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday Maren had a nice Mother's Day. She did get coffee in bed as well as an X-Box Kinect! Then it was off to church where she taught Sunday School. I always help, but she is the big cheese. Check out the Latte she got for being a nice helper:
I also called my mom and had a nice chat...the kids even got on the line too!

Here Hansen is checking out Maren's new Kinect. The TV it is on is too small...but it will have to do for now.

Yesterday we went to Maren's Auntie's house for a big Mother's Day party. Here are the cousins hanging out. The rest of us were in the big room watching silly movies like Mall Cop!

Preston accepted a spot on the Rainier Valley Slammers soccer team for this season. It is the same team he played on the last few seasons...only a new name.

And lastly, the pool is open! Well, almost in this picture. This was taken at the pancake breakfast. The only swimmer is a duck! Come on sunshine...the pool is open!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 02, 2011


Good morning, it is Monday.

What a nice weekend! My health is starting to come around. My voice is almost back and I only have occasional coughing fits, so I've rounded the corner into the living corner. Yay.

We have had it all from soccer to skating this weekend. Preston has guest played for a local team who is in a big tournament (his team didn't qualify for) and has played great. Of course tryouts for all the teams are next weekend and the team he guested on wants him to join. The problem is it that they are kind of arch rivals with his current team, only they are actually better. Preston fit into the team nicely, scored a couple of big goals and played well. He is thinking it may be time for a change, but he is worried about loosing friends and such. We have been mulling the whole thing over and soon enough it will be a done deal....either way. Yesterday he got to hang out at Emerald Downs with his girlfriend and her family.

The rest of us went rollerskating! Actually Lillie went rollerskating for a friend's birthday. Afterwards it was home

Hansen spraying the chairs as we clean off the patio furniture for outside dining! Why is he spraying in the sky? Hmm.

This is a picture of our island trees. If you look close enough, and towards the top of the big tree, you will see a little brighter green patch. That is Lillie! Yes, she and her friends like to take turns climbing way too high in trees these days. Groan.

And finally Hansen and his new roommate. Maren got this cut-out from a convention drawing or something. It is hanging out here for now, but will probably end up at the school library when we are ready to part ways.

See you tomorrow.