Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's for lunch?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

A few weeks ago I implemented a new lunch rule at our house for school days. The new rule is, you make your own lunch! What was happening before was I was making lunch for everyone and the kids would only eat some of it and complain about the rest. So for awhile I would just have them help me with their lunches, but then Lillie was wanting to just do it herself...and if she wanted to do it herself, then the boys can do it themselves!

These days Preston always makes himself a lunch, but then supplements it from the line at school. Hansen makes his own lunch, but by most means it is mostly junk food...I hope his teacher doesn't mind, but the truth be told, I threw away all his healthy food from his lunch bag the next morning. And Lillie, well, she always checks the lunch order online before doing anything else. She buys her lunch 2/3rds of the time.

Here Lillie is checking the lunch order...she won't let me help with that either! I always have to log out of the computer so she can then log in, go to the school website, navigate to the lunch menu, then play with the lunch menu so that only the day's lunch is visible on the screen...that way she can read if from across the room if she wants!

I wonder what will be for lunch today?

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

What?! No peanut-butter-and-guava-jelly sandwiches? That is what my Mom made for my lunch EVERY day when I went to elementary school in Miami (do you even get guava jelly in Washington?) When I saw your Mom's collection of lunch boxes it brought back great memories.

Neat idea to check the menu on-line. You have smart kids!

Julian's Blog said...

The littles would love a pbgj sandwich...but with food alergies in their classes, they can't bring anything nut based! By Jr. High you can bring anything you want and the alergy kids can watch out for themselves.
Don't think I have every had guave jelly, but it sounds good.

Molly said...

I did not even think about the potential for allergic reactions, it is smart for the school to handle it that way. Makes me wonder, though, about allergic reactions back in the late 50's and early 60's when I went to elem. school.

Guava jelly not unlike apple jelly in texture, taste and color. My Mom would try and substitute that when she ran out of guava jelly. We had a couple guava trees in the back yard. Over-ripe ones that fell on the ground were great for throwing at my brother and sisters because they burst upon impact leaving a gooey mess. An early paint ball game!

Anonymous said...

Having them make their own lunches is a great idea - they'll eat them that way. It's cool that Lillie can see what's for lunch on the computer.

sussah said...

My mama made me a peanut-butter and butter sandwich every day. And I don't remember what else, because that was the main feature. I think we all lived on peanut butter and nobody worried about allergies. But Lillie is very motivated to find out what's being served at school. Which items are to be avoided? love, susanna

Molly said...

Hi Susanna, peanut-butter-and-butter, hadn't heard of that variation but I do agree: all I can remember is the sandwich, not whatever else was in the lunch box.

And, yes, I am curious what foods Lillie looks for in the school menus and which ones she rejects in favor of home-brought food.

Were you at Everglades with Ellen? My Emerson looked identical to Everglades.

sussah said...

Hi Molly et al, No, I was at Coral Park Elementary when it was new. I got in trouble once, when I had an ear-bud with a wire connected to a transistor radio during lunch in the cafeteria. Now, wouldn't that be travelling down the center of the river? anyway, I have some fond memories of raising the flag, singing patriotic songs, etc.,(there's a theme there) but I was already exactly the same person I am now, for better or for worse. susanna

Julian's Blog said...

Let's see...Lillie orders 80% of the time. She likes the chicken nuggets and the pizza. Brunch for lunch is also a hit. Hansen will sometimes go for pizza, but he brings his lunch 90% of the time. I just checked Preston's account...he usually buys pop-tarts or cookies. Hmm.