Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes free is not worth it.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday after school there was a free soccer camp held at the little's school. It was put on by a big soccer organization and lots of kids wanted to attend. I wrote notes for the kids and told them that if they wanted to go, they could, but if they didn't want to go...they could just get on the bus and come home. They had it all figured out. If it was raining or if they didn't have friends going, they would just come home. Hansen would then text me and let me know what was up so I could pick them or one of them up. Well, as it turned out, Lillie got sucked into the soccer vortex and Hansen came home. The rain started up so I decided to head up there about an half an hour early to see how Lillie was enjoying soccer camp. This is what I found: Sure, she had 7 kids from her class attending as well as other friends. But soccer in the rain? Not her thing. She was very happy to see me, she skipped on over and asked immediately if we could just go home. That is just what we did. At home she cleaned up, had some food, and did a great job of totally annoying Preston and his girlfriend [who was over for a visit].

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Poor Lillie!!! I'm glad you went and picked her up.

Bernice said...

Oh, must have been so happy to see your Dad coming to pick you up from that dreadful rainy weather. You have a great Dad.

Room 202 said...

Not exactly Fashion Friday, like Aurora. I'm surprised she posed in that weather. love, susanna

sussah said...

Excuse me, that Room 202 was from me. I'm at work, and the computer was logged on with another user! sp