Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skeleton hoodie.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a busy day. I went from Lillie's dance class straight to Young Author's Night at school. Lots of kids dressed as a character, giving speeches and going back and forth between being extremely nervous and having a great time.

A few first and second graders have these cool skeleton sweatshirts. The skeleton is cool enough, but the coolest part is how the hood zips over your face to be your skull. It even has eye holes to see through. When the hood is unzipped, you can't even tell it is anything different. I think these are too cool. Not a good look if you're over like 10 years old, but still cool:

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

Go on, admit it, you would love to have one in your size!

Julian's Blog said...

It would be so cool to have one in my size on Halloween! Otherwise, I would just look like a creeper!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that's scary! Young Author's night sounds like fun.