Friday, April 01, 2011

A new driver?

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday we finally broke down and bought Maren a new car! Yup, her 10 year old Hyundai with over 110,000 miles was finally replaced. She now has a brand new April Fools Joke! Haha, no new car here. Maren plans on driving her little car to like 200,000 miles or something, and that's no joke. Maren says she didn't do any jokes at our house...but I am treading lightly this morning.

Yesterday was Preston's band concert. One of his last as he is not going to play band next year at high school. The concert was very nice: Preston is in this picture somewhere...near the middle.
I did take Preston to "demo day" at Jade Greens. The place was rocking. Preston was the only kid wearing soccer gear, but who can blame him? He really liked the new Adams golf equipment the best and he hit it very well. The kid could be VERY good at golf if he wanted to. But I say that about every sport he tries. Looks like soccer is the lucky sport that gets him.

I'm in for a very fun day. April Fools favorite holiday! I have learned about not doing mean tricks. I just got Preston! I had him check where he is sitting because that is where the cat was puking last night. He was checking and grossing out for a moment...April Fools. Much nicer than setting the spray nozzle to "spray"...maybe?

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

You crack me up! I just love reading your blog. In NH our April Fool's Day joke is going to be a foot of heavy, wet, new snow. Keep up the great entries and photos.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Hyundai! Happy April Fool's Day!